Calgary has a few bylaws regarding skateboarding:

Skateboarding is permitted on most City sidewalks or boulevards unless otherwise posted. Until March 2019, skateboarding was not permitted within the Central Traffic Zone (downtown).
“Central Traffic Zone” means the area of the City which is bounded on the north by the Bow River; on the east by the east limit of 4th Street East; on the south by the south limit of 9th Avenue South; on the west by the west limit of 9th Street West.

$25 was the fine for skateboarding in the Central Traffic Zone.

It’s important to note that skateboarding is not allowed on streets. Also, although skateboarding on sidewalks is allowed downtown (as described above), much of downtown is comprised of private buildings and property. Skate on these at your own risk as it may be considered trespassing.

Skateboards fall under the category of “Wheeled Conveyance” when it comes to our pathway system. Here are a few general rules:

-speed limit 20 km/h
-don’t carry more than one person
-don’t use it in a manner unsafe to others
-don’t hold onto a bicycle while on your board

If any of the above rules are broken, the offender is subject to a $100 fine and can have their skateboard confiscated for up to 60 days.


Bylaws related to city streets
Bylaws related to pathways

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