Election 2017 – Councillor Candidates Ward 5


  • Sarbdeep Baidwan
  • George Chahal
  • Tudor Dinca
  • Hirde Jassal
  • Balraj (Raj) Nijjar
  • Aryan Sadat

Tudor Dinca

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Please describe your involvement/interest in skateboarding (check all that apply)

I’ve never skated or been involved in skateboarding


Do you support changing the bylaw to allow skateboarding downtown?


Skateboarding wouldn’t be possible in all spaces downtown but the way the question is posed it would seem that skateboarding is illegal everywhere downtown , which , if it is the case, makes no sense to me. On some streets and spots downtown it should be allowed and encouraged.

If elected, will you support the continued implementation of the Skateboard Amenities Strategy by dedicating funds to skatepark development?


I am not familiar with the Skateboard Amenities Strategy but any strategy that get Calgarians more active is a strategy that most of the time I would support. I would have to do more reading on the topic just to make sure.

Do you support allowing skateboarding in the Cycle Track?


I have lived in the Netherlands , a bicycle Mecca , yet while living there I haven’t seen many people skateboarding on bike paths , however I am open to discussing with organizations such as yours in order to better understand your vision of how this could potentially work in the future. Congratulations on all your efforts of making Calgary a more skateboard friendly city.



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