Election 2017 – Councillor Candidates Ward 2


  • George Georgeou
  • Joe Magliocca
  • Christopher Maitland
  • Jennifer Wyness


Christopher Maitland



Please describe your involvement/interest in skateboarding (check all that apply)

I have a friend(s) who skateboard, I don’t skateboard, but I am a fan of skateboarding, I’ve never skated or been involved in skateboarding


Do you support changing the bylaw to allow skateboarding downtown?


Within reason , we must ensure pedestrian safety but in general yes I do


If elected, will you support the continued implementation of the Skateboard Amenities Strategy by dedicating funds to skatepark development?



Do you support allowing skateboarding in the Cycle Track?


I see no reason to not allow them on the track, its not at capacity by any nature and would allow skateboarders the room to skate




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