Board Members:

Daniel Craig – Chair
Tom Nelson – Secretary
Steve Richardson – Treasurer
Zev Klymochko – Co-Founder
Graham McGinn – Graphic Designer
Jeff Hanson
Macy Haahr
Jay Nielsen
Ezra Rae

Mission Statement

Through strong partnerships and leadership, CASE fosters and supports the growth of skateboarding in Calgary.

Vision Statement

Calgary Association of Skateboarding Enthusiasts: Calgary skateboarders have access to free world-class facilities where they can skate safely, develop their skills and enjoy skate-related events.


  • Primarily Outdoor Facilities
  • Indoor Facilities


  • To provide consultation for future skateboard park projects
  • To provide resources and expertise to further the goals of this society
  • To provide program opportunities to encourage participation and skill development
  • To raise funds to achieve the goals of this society.  This includes: grants, gifts donations, legacies, bequests and inheritances
  • To establish skateboard park facilities

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