Calgary Association of Skateboarding Enthusiasts

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Please provide your address and phone number. It is important because it helps CASE prove to potential funders that we have a legitimate membership from Calgary. CASE will only contact you by email, and will keep your information private.

CASE is collecting this information for the purposes of promoting skateboarding in Calgary and communicating with our members who share our goals.

• Your personal information (Name, address, and phone number) is necessary to maintain our membership list. This information may be provided to the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission s part of a casino application to raise money for CASE, but otherwise your information will not be made public or shared with anyone without your specific permission.

• CASE will summarize our membership information to create a statistical profile of our membership that will help us better understand who skateboards in Calgary and how best to meet their needs. This information will be reported in ways that does not identify individual users

• CASE reserves the right to terminate membership of any individual who is not in agreement with our goals, as outlined in CASE's bylaws.

• CASE will send an occasional email when there is information that needs to be shared with our membership. Your email will not be provided to anyone else.

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