A lot of you might be wondering, “What does CASE actually do?”

Besides posting information, photos, and videos related to skateboarding in Calgary, we’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff.
We meet monthly and set objectives– both short term and long term. Our short term goals are things like keeping the website updated and setting up events. Long term goals are getting more parks.
One big thing we’ve been working on is an indoor park. We spent a lot of time putting together a proposal, in conjunction with the Inglewood Community Association. The proposal was submitted about two weeks ago so we’re waiting to hear back now. Check back for updates here.

CASE is also working closely with the City of Calgary on the upcoming “skateboard strategy” put forward by alderman Joe Connelly. Our goal is to catch up to other cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and countless others who have a network of skateparks, both large destination parks and small skate spots.

The skateboard strategy also promises to examine the city bylaw that prohibits ramps on private property. It’s CASE’s objective to get this law taken off the books so anyone is free to build a ramp in their back yard.

We’re an association of volunteers with a common goal– promoting skateboarding. If you’ve picked up one of our T-shirts, came out to any of our events, or even mentioned CASE to some of your friends, thanks for your support. We hope to be updating you on some big developments soon.

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