Tommy Carroll Has Been Skating Since He Was Ten, but Has Been Blind Since the Age of Two

This posting is a little out of our normal mandate of Calgary content but it definitely on topic for the importance of skateboard parks. This video has been making its rounds on the web so you might have already seen it but if not it’s a good one. Tommy Carroll has been skating since he was ten, but has been blind since the age of two. He hits up his local park and makes his riding time count. Get inspired and shovel the snow off your favourite spot/park, find a parking garage, beg or buy your way into a garage mini sesh just get some skateboarding in any way you can. No excuses just skate!


Want more? Here is an interview and some more skateboarding by Tommy:

Robert Aguirre & Urban Ambush Interview

You have likely seen a lot more guys riding and wearing Urban Ambush gear lately. UA (Urbun Ambush) is really supporting Calgary skateboard and art talent. As CASE is about all things Calgary and skateboarding we took a moment to sit down and ask Robert Aguirre a few questions about Urban Ambush. Also check out this quick clip of their newest rider Chad Baker doing a nollie fullcab inward 540 heelflip. Yikes, it is pretty crazy and they are calling it the bazooka flip.

1. Please give me a little history on Urban Ambush as well as your involvement?

Karim worked on Graphics for Barry Walsh when he was on True North and then after True North went of business. Karim and Barry Walsh started Urban Ambush because they wanted to continue working together and making their own stuff. Barry Walsh recently left Urban Ambush to ride for Creation.  In Jan 2012, I started as a team rider and shortly after that I became partners with Karim. In 2012, I started hooking up for Calgary riders and artists. I still am a team rider but I am also the Team Manager and co-owner.

2. UA has a lot of Calgary riders what is the connection to Calgary?

Karim lived in Calgary before he moved to Montreal. He started Urban Ambush in Montreal but always had a connection to Calgary. Once I became involved that connection has grown stronger with the addition of more Calgary riders and artists.

3. Are there any local shops skaters can get the boards or gear at?

Mission in Calgary and Borderline in Lethbridge are currently carrying our products and the Source is planning on carrying them in 2013. Head down to their shops and show them some support as they are supporting us.  We are constantly expanding the places that carry Urban Ambush so if you are not able to find it at your local shop ask them to carry it or connect with me and I will let you know where to find our stuff.

4. You guys are filming a lot is there a video coming out or a place people can check the footage?

We are constantly updating the Urban Ambush website with video content and also on the watch for a full UA video in 2013.

5. Does UA have any events planned coming up?

Summer is coming to an end but be on the watch for Urban Ambush at any of the upcoming local skate events. Also look for the video and some bigger events in 2013.

6. What do you see for the future of UA?

The Urban Ambush crew of local and Montreal based skaters and artists are constantly strengthening. We are supporting them as riders and artists and as they grow so does Urban Ambush. We are working on a new series of eight board graphics with Calgary artists and looking to expand our clothing line.

7. Any message you want to get out?

I just want to thank everyone who has supported us and everyone that is involved with Urban Ambush. Look for our stuff at Mission and Borderline.  Big thanks to our local team riders Steve Zeeb, Eddie Merrier, Joe Buffalo, Kevin Low, Chad baker, Steve Rohl  and all the MTL riders as well. Thanks to our local artists Tele Asencio, Lee-Anne Kennedy & Teika Hudson (See Eddie’s Board for her great work).  Blackbird Electric Custom Tattoo artists Jay Slinger, Garrett Price and Max Gerchikov. Also thanks to Kyle Pellerin for filming and photo, Zev and Circa for their support and a big thanks to Paulo Diogo for introducing me to Karim.  Look for some great things to come out of Calgary and Urban Ambush!

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