Very Nice Basement Ramp

With no indoor skatepark, many Calgary skaters have taken things into their own hands to keep skating during the winter months.
Jared S. sent through some photos of his amazing-looking basement ramp. This is one of the best ones we’ve ever seen!

This is how Jared breaks it down:

“The ramp is 16 feet wide, just under 4 feet high with 6 feet of flat bottom. It’s is in an old building about three blocks from my house; I am fortunate enough to have some friends that let me build it in the basement. I built it because skateboarding f&*%ing rules and everything else totally sucks ass. Also because I’m old and I hate traditional exercise. I pretty much built it myself. I’ve built ramps in the past and was a carpenter for ten years so I just built it to fit the space I had– didn’t use any plans. I learned how to cut trannies from my pal Trent Walker (RIP) about 20 yrs ago. So the 6 ft trannies come from him, super quick.”

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