Two adult men were allegedly stabbed at Shaw Millennium Skateboard Park early Friday morning.

This kind of violence happens all over the city and is not skateboard-related. Had it have happened in a church parking lot would that make it a church related stabbing? Likely not. We see such violence and associated crime throughout our city and in our own communities—more often than not near convenience stores and neighbourhood pubs. Does that make Mac’s or 7-11 the cause? No, it does not.

The Calgary Association of Skateboarding Enthusiasts (CASE), while troubled that such violence has erupted at our only City owned and operated skateboard park, is confident that Calgary skateboarders, including the very young, the families that skate and the elder skaters will remain as safe at Shaw Millennium Skateboard Park as anywhere else in the city.

And while details of the ongoing police investigation are few and far between at this juncture, we do not believe that there were any skateboarders involved in the attack that saw 2 adult men taken to hospital and 4 adult men arrested by police.

We caution the media to be careful to not paint skateboarding with this crime that in all likelihood occurred where it did due more to chance or geography than anything skateboard related.

Click here to read an early media report from CBC News.

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