Which one will you skate first?
We’ve been advised that fences at Southwood and Huntington skateparks will come down on March 1. These are “soft openings”, meaning that more formal grand opening events will be planned for the future.

See below for more info on each park:

Southwood Skatepark

  • located at Southwood Community Centre on Sackville Dr SW
  • 13,400 square feet
  • mix of street and flow bowl terrain
  • bowl depths to 5 feet with an elevated pocket, roll-in, and pump bump
  • bank to barrier and ledge to bank features
  • wheelchair ramp ledge and rail combo
  • quarter pipe with extension
  • manny pad
  • flat bar

Southwood 3D Concept

Southwood 3D Concept

Huntington Hills Skatepark

  • located adjacent to Murray Copot Arena at Centre St and 64 Ave N
  • 12,500 square feet
  • primarily flow bowl terrain with street area
  • bowl depths to 9 feet with spine, bank extension, pool coping and tile detail
  • manny pads, ledges, and rails
  • China banks style inset ledges
Huntington Hills 3D Concept

Huntington Hills 3D Concept

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