Bretton Brulotte is a 14 year old Calgary skateboarder who recently started a Facebook petition for more skateparks in Calgary. To date it has over 1,700 members and is growing daily. Bretton was overweight until he lost 70 pounds in the two years since he started skating. We asked him some questions about himself and the petition he started:


Hi Bretton, how long have you been skating?

About 2 years technically but I really started going to parks and progressing last summer.

What got you into skateboarding?

The Mission that opened in Aspen, went in there one day just to check it out and started asking about getting into skating. The guy that worked there showed me Guy Mariano’s part from fully flared, the creativity and art that I saw in skating inspired me to start and I bought my first board soon after, it was a  Mariano deck.

Why do you like it and keep doing it?

Everything about skating is awesome. Its the coolest art, sport and community you could imagine. Skateboarding keeps me active and getting exercise every day for multiple hours and I have met my best friends in skateboarding.

Are your parents supportive?

For sure, before I skated I would never get any physical activity and hated doing any sport. My parents used to put me on soccer teams that I hated. Skating gets me 3 or more hours of exercise a day and I’ve got some really good friends through it.

Where do you usually skate?

Westside in the summer– it’s small but it’s a safe place that my parents don’t hesitate to let me skate at. Having more supervised parks or even just good parks in more youth friendly parts of the city would be a good idea.

Where do you skate during the winter months?

In the winter Skate Church when I can get there, Millennium but my parents don’t really feel safe sending me there, and my garage.

What made you start a Facebook petition for skateparks in Calgary?

There was a lot of negative energy towards the city and I wanted to change that into passion to make a change. I wanted to show that there was need for parks and places for us to skate. At the end of the day i just wanted to do whatever I could for what I’m passionate about.

Why do you think Calgary is so far behind compared to other cities when it comes to skateparks?

Having the mountains so close is one factor, the city may not see need for amenities within the city with such natural beauty so close and don’t understand what a large part of our lives skateboarding is. Money is probably another, we are one of the wealthiest cities in the country and many people go to lakes and wake board or the mountains to ski or snowboard but skateboarding is a lifestyle and just isn’t substituted by other sports and is more accessible than others.

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