In Fall 2014 we told you that the first three parks in the strategy were put on hold due to budget concerns.
We’re now well into 2015 and we have an update for you. The request for tender (RFT) for the CKE park is imminent; the City is telling us it will be out the week of March 23rd.

Once issued, the RFT will remain open for three weeks. After closing, the lowest bidder will be announced and construction will begin shortly after.

After construction pricing is established with CKE, the City will have a better idea of how much the other seven parks will cost and proceed accordingly with Southwood and Huntington Hills. Remember, the first eight parks had $4 million set aside for design and construction.

We will be skating fresh skatepark concrete later this summer.

CKE 3D Concept

CKE 3D Concept

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