Skateboard Amenities Strategy

Download a PDF Copy of  the  Skateboard Amenities Strategy

Skateboard Amenities Strategy FAQ

What is the Skateboard Amenities Strategy?

  • The Skateboard Amenities Strategy is a City of Calgary document, created by City staff at the direction from City Council (Thanks to former Alderman Joe Connelly!) with help from CASE and a consultant, which describes a plan for a network of skateparks in Calgary and provides extensive background information explaining why the skateparks are important and why they are needed

Why is the Skateboard Amenities Strategy  important?

  • It shows that the City (both Council and administrative staff a all levels) recognize the need for skateparks and they value they have for the community
  • It shows that Council is willing to take action to make them happen (it took a lot of staff time to create the Strategy document, and the City paid a consultant for their input and expertise)
  • It shows that the City is willing (and enthusiastic) about working with CASE as the representative for Calgary skaters.
  • Read this FAQ if you have more questions

If you’d like to read more about how the locations for the skateparks were selected, please download this report:

site selection report


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