The Town of Canmore is looking for an instructor for their skateboard camps. Check this link and see below for more information. Email Margaret if you’re interested. They pay mileage and the wage is $15.72/hour.

Canmore Skateboard Park Skateboard Jam

Our skateboard camps provide a safe environment that encourages friendship, laughter, personal growth, and of course skateboarding! Lesson components will include foot positioning and balance, pushing, stopping, turning, beginner ramp riding, and board control. More experienced skaters will learn 180 ollies, flat bar rail slides, grinds, and flip tricks. Skateboarding etiquette, safety, and equipment maintenance will also be covered.

Each day will include 1.5 hours of lessons, followed by a swim at the Canmore Recreation Centre pool. Participants must provide their own skateboard and helmet. Wrist guards, knee and elbow pads are highly recommended. Please bring a water bottle, snack, and your swim gear.

July 18, 20, 22 6-9 years

Aug 8, 10, 12 10-12 years


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