On June 29th, Calgary city council voted on Councillor Woolley’s notice of motion to amend the law which prohibits ramps in Calgary.
You can read the meeting minutes here but we’ll summarize how it went:
The motion was moved by Councillor Woolley and seconded by Councillor Carra. Voting went like this:

FOR: B. Pincott, J. Stevenson, W. Sutherland, E. Woolley, G-C. Carra, D. Farrell, R. Jones, S. Keating, N. Nenshi

AGAINST: J. Magliocca, R. Pootmans, A. Chabot, S. Chu, P. Demong

This means the motion was carried and the City will now take a look at changing the bylaw. Expect more news to come. If we hope to ride ramps in our own backyards like the one below, we’ll need support. Please contact your councillor and community association to let them know why it’s important to have a ramp on your property. The way the law is written, it doesn’t just ban mini-ramps. It also applies to rails, grind boxes, quarter pipes, launch ramps, and basically anything you can skate on. The bylaw wording defines SKATEBOARD RAMP as “a structure that is used to provide a surface upon which an individual may use or operate a skateboard”.


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