The City of Calgary, through Evolve Research & Consulting Inc., is conducting a survey to help The City understand the ways in which Calgarians use the natural environment areas on Paskapoo Slopes. The Paskapoo Slopes natural environment area includes portions of the undeveloped lands south of Bowness, between Canada Olympic Park and Patterson Heights, sloping from the top of the hill just north of Cougar Ridge, down to Sarcee Trail and the TransCanada Highway.

Although these lands are not officially a City park, and portions of the area are privately owned, many Calgary residents utilize these lands for extra-curricular activities such as walking, running, cycling etc.

It is important for Calgarians to provide their input through this survey, so that The City can take your needs into consideration for the long-term management of the City-owned portions of the Paskapoo Slopes area. Two surveys are available to be completed; one is based on individual use of the area, and a second survey is available to be completed by group leaders who organize group outings in the area. Please take a moment to confidentially share your usage habits and preferences in the 4-5 minute survey. Your input is valued and appreciated. Please submit prior to April 30th, 2013.

The surveys can be found at the below links.

The individual user survey is located here.

The group survey is located here.

For questions, or to complete the survey over the phone or in person, please call Autumn Rae, Evolve Research & Consulting Inc. at 403-481-5769

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