Notice of Annual  General Meeting
7 PM, Wednesday May 1, 2013
Community Room
Eau Claire Market
200 Barclay Parade SW

IMG_9000Every year CASE invites all of our members, as well as everyone else in the Calgary skateboarding community and those who support skateboarding, to our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Our AGM is an opportunity for CASE to share  what we have accomplished, what we are working on, and what we have planned.  It will also be a chance for us to answer your questions, and hear your ideas and suggestions about what we can do for skateboarding in Calgary.

The City recently sent out a request for proposals, the first step in putting the Skatepark Strategy into action so clearly, more skateparks are finally  coming to  Calgary in the next few years! CASE needs more people to get involved in a variety of roles, so this will also be an opportunity to find out how you can help if you are interested. Whatever help you can give, a little or a lot, will help push skateboarding forward in Calgary

If you have questions, comments, or need more information before the meeting please reply to this email or contact CASE through our website at

See YOU May 1st!

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