Cpl Nathan Hornberg KOCR Photo

Cpl Nathan Hornberg (KOCR Photo)

The town of Nanton is an agricultural community 75 KM south of Calgary, the home of about 2100, and soon to be home to a new skatepark.

When he was growing up, Nathan Hornberg used to spend his summers at the family ranch not far from town.  An avid skateboarder, Nathan enjoyed the challenges, the creativity, and the freedom of skateboarding.  Nathan spent several years in the reserves, volunteering to serve as the driver of an armoured vehicle in Afghanistan.  On September 24, 2007 Cpl. Nathan Hornberg was killed while working to recover a damaged tank.  The new skatepark in Nanton is being built in  his memory.

The new Nanton skatepark will be built on some unused tennis courts near the Nanton Community Centre. Vancouver-based Spectrum Skatepark Creations has designed an 8138 sq ft street-style plaza with a good sized bowl.  Once completed, the Nanton skatepark will be the best park between Calgary and Taber, and provide an excellent place for skatepark starved Calgary skaters to go for a session with a very reasonable 45 minute drive to get there.

Nanton skaetpark desgn

Nanton Skatepark design by Spectrum

The Nanton skatepark committee is raising money to get the skatepark built, hopefully in 2011. It would be great if some skaters from Calgary, Okotoks, High River and other communities could contribute to getting this park built, especially since Nanton also has to raise money to repair their rec centre which was closed in December when the roof was found to be unsafe.  If you can help, here’s where you can find out how.

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