A lot of these introductions to interviews end up sounding the same. “He’s got effortless style, a huge bag of tricks, is always down to skate…” Yeah, we know that already– that’s why the dude is getting an interview. While Dustin Henry possesses the aforementioned qualities, he’s also very nice, thankful, and has a good head on his shoulders. That’s something that seems to be rare and worth mentioning.
All skate photos by Mike Kozan.

Name, Date of birth, and place of birth
My name’s Dustin Henry, I was born in Ontario but grew up in Calgary. October 4th 1993.

So that makes you 16, right?

And you live in Bowness?

Do you love Bowness, like those stickers they have?
I love Bowness. Yeah, for sure.

Who are your sponsors?
I ride for City Skateboards, Venture trucks, Bones wheels, C1RCA, and Skaters.

When did the City thing happen? I didn’t even know!
Yeah, it’s pretty new—it was all Drew Merriman—he helped me out.

Who do you skate with?
Anyone who’s down – Bacon, Tyler, Spencer, Ben, everyone.

Where do you like to skate?
Downtown, mostly. Or the park. Millz.

What’s your favourite Calgary spot?
This spot. Ghetto spot.

What videos have you been in?
Canadian Tuxedo, that’s about it.

What other coverage have you had?
I got my first photo in SBC – the back 180 nosegrind.

You like feeble grinds, hey?
Yeah, funnest trick.

What are your plans for the Summer? Any trips?
I’m gonna try to go out to Vancouver for a bit and might go see Owen Woytowich in Saskatoon. I’ve never been there but it sounds tight.

What about Go Skateboarding Day? Any plans?
Vancouver maybe.

What did you do last year for GSD?
I was in Calgary. Followed around Pantera and Herbage—all the Millz locs.

Who’s your favourite Millz loc?
Herbage for sure.

Who’s that? Never heard of him.
He’s the best.

What does he look like?
He wears a hat usually. He’s a sketchy dude, funny though.

Who’s your least favourite Millz loc?
I don’t have a least favourite.

What do you think of all the parks in the Calgary area? Cochrane, Brooks, Strathmore…
So sick! All of them.

What’s your favourite?
I’d say Canmore because it’s so sick and it just came out. I think Airdrie will be the best though.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
I don’t know, try to skate.

What’s your favourite drink?
Arizona Iced Tea—Grape!

Have you ever had the Arnold Palmer flavour? It’s the best. You can only get it in the States I think.
No. They have so many kinds in the States though.

Are you filming right now? Where is your footage going?
I filmed a lot with Bacon. He’s making a little video. Right now we’re finishing Cow Tails. Tyler Warren and Kareck Reid are making it.

If you could change anything about Calgary skatbeoarding, what would it be?
No security! More spots! We gotta make more spots!

What’s up with you being so polite? Did your mama raise you right?
I don’t know. Yeah. She taught me not to swear. Ha ha.

Have you ever done anything bad or gotten into trouble? Have you ever done any hood rat stuff with your friends?
This is kinda funny: I live right by the Bow River and in the winter there’s lots of ice on the side of it. My brother and I and some friends were really young, we used to just go on the ice and jump around.

On the river?
Yeah, we’d jump on the ice while it was moving. It was really sketchy but we thought it was so fun. This one time the cops came and we tried to run away but they caught us. But they were like, “Oh, we thought you were someone else.” It was funny.

Shout outs/props?
Everyone. Mom, Dad, Skaters, sponsors, Owen, Bacon, all the homies.

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