For our first interview here on, we thought we’d go to the guy who’s recognized as one of the best skateboarders in Calgary, Devin Morrison.

“Everyone knows Devin is a talented skateboarder but what most don’t know is that he is one of the busiest skaters you could ever meet. By the time most people even get up to go skate, Devin has already prepared a four-course breakfast for his wife and daughter, done some renovations to the mini ramp, made five grand at his restaurant for setting up a few tables and an additional 50 bucks playing online poker while his customers enjoy pan seared Quebec foie gras served with greens so well tended they were sung to.”
–Ryan Oughton

backlijpgBackside lipslide — Christian photo

Please state your name, date and place of birth.
Devin Kyle Morrison
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Who do you ride for?
Stereo Skateboards, Royal Trucks, Hi-Fi wheels, DVS shoes, Matix clothing and The Source skate shop.

When did you move to Calgary?
I made the move to Calgary in the Summer of 2001.

Why did you move here?
I moved to Calgary for a change of pace. I bounced from Ontario as soon as I got word that I was going to graduate from high school. I wasn’t doing anything except getting into trouble so I moved in with my sister here in the 403 for what was supposed to be a month.

Looking back, was it worth moving half way across the country?
Absolutely the best decision I have ever made. A lot of great things came from that move for which I am very grateful.

_p5g1086Backside disaster — Snow photo

Who do you skate with?
Anyone looking for a session.

Where do you skate? Favourite spots?
We have just been lurking the streets hard lately. I can’t believe how many new spots we have been rolling up on. There are actually a lot of street spots in Calgary that have not been killed yet.

Tell us about the Hart House ramp.
It is a great, heated, indoor ramp. There is virtually nowhere to skateboard in Calgary when the weather takes over. That ramp has kept me sane and rekindled my love for skateboarding. It was built by a tight knit group of friends and gets slaughtered often. It’s invite-only but an ideal spot to relax, session and enjoy some frosty beers.

What are your plans for the summer? Any trips coming up?
Probably just skate some contests and try to hit the streets as much as possible. I’m going to Ontario for a week to hang and skate so that should be pretty rad. I think there is a Source team trip going down soon too.

devflipmanny3flipKickflip manual 360 flip — Christian photos

What do you think of the new parks in the Calgary area (Cochrane, Brooks, Strathmore, etc)?
After spending so much time at Millennium, any new park in Alberta seems like a dream come true! I really enjoy the Cochrane and Strathmore parks. Both parks are decent with a good selection of obstacles.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Mostly working at a restaurant downtown called Teatro. Other than that I just post up with my wife and daughter watching movies and thinking of skateboarding.

Do you still film? Where does your footage go?
I have been out filming a lot lately. There is a Source video in the works. There has not been a Source video for a long time. I think it will be great for the Calgary skate scene.

If you could change anything in Calgary skateboarding, what would it be?
I would love to see an indoor skatepark here again. Apparently it is in the works but we’ll have to wait and see.

Any thanks or shout outs?
Mostly my family for being so awesome. Also all of my sponsors for their continuous support.

Brock Mitchell was kind enough to send along the new commercial he made for The Source, featuring Devin:

Devin Morrison from Brock Mitchell on Vimeo.

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