It appears the saga that has become the Edgemont Skatepark is at an end.

The previous decision to re-visit the skatepark discussion in the fall was overturned soon after the community association’s annual general meeting. The newly elected Edgemont Community Association board has passed a motion permanently killing the idea of a skatepark in John Laurie Park. They’ve also stipulated that there be a three year “cooling off” period before discussion of another location for a skatepark in Edgemont.

There’s nothing we can do to change this, barring the Edgemont Community Association suddenly changing their mind. You could respectfully reach out to them and let them know why their decision to stop the skatepark is wrong. You could also contact Councillor Sean Chu, who stood by the residents against the skatepark.

The City of Calgary Mobile skatepark will be in Edgemont from July 21-August 6. Edgemont-Skatepark-Concept-Boards_Page_2

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