Please join us on Thursday, February 5th for the Edgemont Skatepark Design Open House. It’s drop-in format so stop by Edgemont Community Centre (33 Edgevalley Circle NW) between 6PM and 8PM. Facebook event page here.
park locationWe encourage all Calgary skaters to attend as there has been some opposition to this future park by some misinformed and misguided residents. In fact, one resident has been circulating a petition and had a meeting on January 15th to try to drum up support for his inaccurate and misleading petition.

edgemont petition image

Show Your Support

Residents of Edgemont and other Ward 4 communities need to show their support for this skatepark. Don’t give a very few loud individuals making irrational and unfounded arguments get in the way of your park being built! Show your support by:

  1. Expressing your support and respectfully asking Councillor Chu to continue supporting the Edgemont Skatepark by email or phone (403-268-2430)
  2. Attend the meeting on February 5th

One of the concerns raised in the petition is noise. Studies have shown that skatepark noise in permanent concrete parks is no greater than a playground, baseball game, or busy street– all of which occur within or adjacent to the future Edgemont Skatepark location (John Laurie Park).

Another concern of the NIMBY petition author is “real estate value” being affected by “the permanent structure [which] would be a permanent eyesore”. Again, this is unfounded. The design/look of the Edgemont park hasn’t even been made public yet. Furthermore, there has been no evidence that a skatepark affects real estate values negatively. In fact, this exact location hosts a successful City of Calgary Mobile skatepark for most of the summer. Real estate values have not been affected.

The other worries of the petition writer are the classic, unfortunate stereotypes that most skateboarders have (unfortunately) gotten used to.

Again, we urge you to attend this meeting to show support. The City has approved this park and it was originally supported by 96% of survey respondents but unfortunately it could be affected by a few noisy residents with outdated views.

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