“Every few weeks I watch a new YouTube clip of the kids in Calgary killing it. Nothing against the next generation of Calgz locals, but compared to Dwight we’re all half-stepping. If you skated in Calgary in the 90’s or early 00’s you’d know exactly what I mean. Bagot? Baker House? Big 4? Big Red? Bishop Kidd? Deerfoot Dubs? McDougall Double? Science Centre 17? Dwight got there first, got his, and did it all for fun. Dwight Pineau: the only Calgarian deserving of his name on the bottom of a skateboard and, in my humble opinion, so much more. Dwight will always be one of my biggest heroes.”
-Rob Thorpe

Hey Dwight. How old are you and where were you born?
I’m 35 years old. Born in Calgary.

I know you’re a family man and working these days, but you still skate, right?
I do but not as much as I have in the last few years. But I do when my back is into it.

What brought you to Edmonton?
It was 1998 or something like that and I had blown out three of the four ligaments in my knee and had hit rock bottom— drinking and partying way too much and not making good decisions. I found a job in E-town, moved my family there, got my knee fixed, and stayed there for three years or so.

What are/were the White Skulls?
That’s a hard question to answer. It started in E-town with three other guys: Matt, Derek, Boxer Shawn and myself. It was started as a gang but a farce— like it was the funnys shit. “White Skull” sounds so racist but everyone has a white skull so it was cool. We all got it tattooed and that was that. Case closed. I moved back to Cowtown started hanging with Frenchy all the time and before long we had started a chapter here and it just snowballed from there.

You’ve got a lot of tattoos. Are any of them skateboarding related?
Ah…yeah. One: “Skate and Destroy” (Thrasher-style) on the inside of my bottom lip.

Did you ever have any bad injuries?
Yeah tons but the topper would have to be breaking my face. I literally broke my face in three places (I ran into a BMXer at the park). It’s pretty funny that now I can say I’ve had plastic surgery. I laugh now but I think about how not fun it really was. I couldn’t really open my mouth and the funniest thing is that it happened after I had stopped trying to giver— you know, doing anything good (photo or film-worthy).

What magazines and videos did you have coverage in? I imagine it’s a pretty long list.
There’s been a bunch but not in a long time. Mags I was lucky to be in are: Transworld, SBC, and Concrete. For vids of course Rob (Thorpe)’s videos, Stay Down and Still Down, I had one banger in one of the video and that other video, 5 Foot 12 I think was the name. I had some tricks in those vids.

Speaking of long lists, can you name a few of your sponsors? You’re one of the few people I know that’s had their name on a board.
Yeah life was pretty good to me in that aspect. I never made any money but there where a couple boards that possessed my name. If we start with the first company, it would be White Elephant (Rob Price). That board didn’t have my name on it but it was my shape. Then Eternal did an amateur signature board,
Olive had made a board as well. The last was Rellik Skateboards. Many other people and companies helped me out: C1RCA, Vans, and United. Thanks to all and every one– it was great.

What are your feelings on local shops and the current state of the skateboarding scene?
Well, for real I can’t comment on the scene since I’m not really in it, but i can say that as long as there’s people giving’er hard then it must be a good scene. As for shops all I’m going to say is Kenny D and Dion are the shit and did the best thing by buying Mission.

Where do you skate nowadays?
Lately I’be been skating in my alley it’s pretty dope.

Do you hit Millennium Park often? What about other parks?
I have been seen at the old Millz, but like I said I’ve been skating in my alley. Skating is tough now. It’s hit or miss whether or not my back will agree with skating day to day. It sucks.

Do you ever hit any street spots?
Once in a while but not too often. When I do it’s pretty fun and brings back some of the best memories for sure.

Who do you skate with? I know I’ve seen your son Julien skating. Do you skate with him?
Most of the time I roll solo; Julien and myself battle in the alley sometimes.

What are you plans for the winter? Do you have access to an indoor spot?
Not too worried about skating this winter. I have to fix my car that I broke.

You’re pretty involved in the Calgary custom car/hot rod scene. Can you tell us a little about that?
Yeah it’s funny. I used to tell Frenchy that I was going to be a greaser when I chilled on skating, and here I am— a full-patched member of the Diablos Car Club and it’s the shit. A small group of fellas and hot rods. It’s the best.

Give us the specs on your ride.
My car is a 1954 Ford 2 door hardtop. I defaced it by putting a 355ci Chevy motor in it. I call it Frankenstein. We’ll be having our 8th annual Greaseball bash car show. It’s a weekend thing at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino on June 8th, 9th, and 10th. It should be good party at night and car show during the days. Check out the Diablos fan page on Facebook for info.

What do you do in your spare time besides work on cars?
Just hang with the family, nothing to crazy.

What’s your day job?
In the last few months I started working at The Rod Shop. We build hot rods, customs, and anything I could dream of more or less. It’s good!

Do you still film? Where does your footage go?
No, I gave up on skating rails and gaps a long time ago and I don’t think anything I can do these days would be worth taking a photo of or filming. I do miss it, those were good times.

If you could change anything in Calgary skateboarding, what would it be?
I don’t think anything needs to change. I enjoy it.

Is there anyone you want to thank?
First of all my wife and son, Rachael and Julien of course, and anyone and everyone that ever helped me from free things to photos/filming or just good old fashioned support. Thanks to all!

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