Derrick Timoshenko is a Calgary skateboarder, CASE supporter, and overall rad dude! We’re pleased to have our youth journalist Peter Osiowy conduct this interview and showcase local talent in Calgary!

Photo: Steve Marentette


What was your first set up?

Walmart board. No idea what it was, but I know it was from Walmart though.


Which felt better down a 12 stair?  A nollie heel or fakie frontside flip?

Fakie frontside flip. It took a lot of attempts, probably at least 2-3 hours. When I pulled it off I almost couldn’t believe it.


Did those tricks happen on the same day?

No, different days.


Place you want to visit?

Paris. I’ve had a bunch of buddies go there and they’re always sending videos and stuff. Cool architecture and skate parks. Good food.

Photo: Rob Bishop


Place you’ve been and want to return to?

Austin, Texas.


Steaks or sushi.

Definitely sushi.  Love the ginger too. 


When you’re setting up a skateboard, do you carve the tape out with a file before you cut it?

For sure. I always use a file or something similar first. Actually, I’ve never seen anyone not use a file.


So what’s it like being a really good skater vs. someone who spends more time trying tricks?

It does feel good to land tricks, but I do put in tons of effort trying and working on new tricks and all, and I do spend lots of time not landing things. I like seeing people work hard to pull off a trick is a lot cooler than doing the same tricks over and over. I’d rather do something I’m uncomfortable doing than do the same things I already know I can do.


Photo: Steve Marentette


Do you have your half dozen tricks you know you can land to warm up?

Of course, but that’s just for the warm up. It’s about trying to get things that are out of your realm. That’s progression to me.


Is there anything you’ve been thinking about trying that you want to share?

Skate the Stampede Corral rail.


What did you learn from the visioning session for the future of skateboarding in Calgary?

If I can give anything back to skating it would be an honour. Helping out skateboarding in any way would be an honour. There’s a lot to do for skateboarding that I never realized, and CASE works really hard for the skateparks and the community.  The goals all hover around more or less the same question – how to progress skating in Calgary. I’m probably most excited about seeing an indoor skate park built in the next five years.


What do you think would need to happen for an indoor skate park to be built?

There needs to be funding — from government, or WinSport, or private investors, or maybe all three. A proper indoor park won’t be cheap, but I think it is a combined effort with the skating community also becoming more involved.


Photo: Liam Glass


What advice would you give to a new skateboarder?

Practice makes perfect.  Patience is a virtue.  Hard work will reward.


Anything else?

Very hyped on CASE, and on everything they’ve done for the community. I’m really appreciative of all their hard work. Sign up to Canada Skateboard! Have fun out there and be safe!

Photo: Jade Hertz


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