As a follow up to our last post regarding city bylaws, here is Daniel K’s story from a recent encounter with the law:

Me and two friends were skating down Stephen Ave. I skated between two people I thought were bylaw officers on bicycles; they never announced they were police. They chased me through traffic and ended up tackling me at full speed from their bikes. [They] split my face open, dislocated my shoulder, and ripped out a lot of my hair. At first they tried to charge me with obstruction, assault, assault on a police officer, running a red light, and skateboarding in a no-skateboarding zone.

As I walked to the police station with them, I got a chance to talk to them, I was able to calm them down. Deflating the situation a little, they ended up only charging me with obstruction, and the tickets I got for skateboarding were never filed.

In the end it all worked out; at first the cops were being a little excessive but also doing there job. So to the youngsters that hate cops almost as much as i do, just remember keep calm, remember your manners, and show a little respect, and chances are they will go lightly.

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