Congratulations to Natalie S, whose story about skateboarding in Calgary was picked as the winner. Here it is:

“Well my story would probably have to be about taking the C-train down to Millz on a Saturday. My mom works on Saturdays so it’s the only time my friends and I can get down to the park. Since I’m only 13 my mom’s pretty tight about letting me take the train; it sucks having an overprotective mom but whatever, that’s not the point.
Anyway, I was having a sesh in the clover bowl. I guess my mom phoned the house to see if she left her phone there. My dad forgot to tell her that I was ‘at a friends house’, like we agreed. When he told my mom that I was at Millz she flipped out. She drove down to Millz and started walking around asking skaters if they’d seen me. I was so mad man, luckily she didn’t make a big deal out of it.
Funny thing is I still go every Saturday without her knowing. You just gotta skate when you gotta skate you know?”

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