We’re happy to let you know that the City of Calgary is holding three open houses at the end of January to provide information and see if the public supports potential skatepark sites. Please note: these are potential sites only and no approvals or decisions regarding any site have been made.

Photo courtesy of van der Zalm & Associates/New Line Skateparks

Photo courtesy of Van Der Zalm & Associates/New Line Skateparks

At the open houses, you can learn more about:

-the consultants that are designing the skateparks
-communities that have been identified to receive a skatepark and why
-how this could impact you or your family
-modern skatepark design, construction, and the positive impact they have on communities
-how your community or region can get involved for selection of future parks

There are three dates for the open houses, all at different locations but all run from 5PM-8PM:

-Tuesday, January 28: Cardel Theatre – 180 Quarry Park Blvd S.E.
-Wednesday, January 29: Edgemont Community Association – 33 Edgevalley Circle N.W.
-Thursday, January 30: Southland Leisure Centre – 2000 Southland Dr. S.W.

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