Deathwish Video Premiere

The Source is presenting the Deathwish video this Sunday, April 21st at The Plaza Theatre at 7PM. Facebook event here and click here for the trailer.


Right Here Video

There is a lot of downtown skateboarding in this video from Calgary Economic Development:

Creature Skateboards Video Premiere April 11

Mission is hosting a screening of the new Creature Skateboards video on Thursday, April 11th at The HiFi Club. 18+ only!

creature vid apr 11

Early Spring Ripping: Millennium and Cochrane Park

3 Things for Calgary

Mayor Nenshi’s 3 Things for Calgary initiative has been running for a while now. Have you suggested your “3 things”?
It’s thinking like this that gets things like skateparks added to communities and makes Calgary a better place to live (and skateboard).

Calgary Snow Show Recap Video

Here’s a video recap from the skate jam held at the Calgary Snow Show at Spruce Meadows a while back:

Jed Anderson in Sweden

Here’s some recent footage of Jed skating a park in Sweden:

Tommy Carroll Has Been Skating Since He Was Ten, but Has Been Blind Since the Age of Two

This posting is a little out of our normal mandate of Calgary content but it definitely on topic for the importance of skateboard parks. This video has been making its rounds on the web so you might have already seen it but if not it’s a good one. Tommy Carroll has been skating since he was ten, but has been blind since the age of two. He hits up his local park and makes his riding time count. Get inspired and shovel the snow off your favourite spot/park, find a parking garage, beg or buy your way into a garage mini sesh just get some skateboarding in any way you can. No excuses just skate!


Want more? Here is an interview and some more skateboarding by Tommy:

Mid Winter Millennium Session

These guys got in a good session at Millennium Park, even though it’s still mostly snow covered:

Some Winter Skating In Calgary

Winter and the lack of an indoor skatepark in the city doesn’t stop these determined Calgary skaters from shredding

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