adidas “Away Days” Video Premiere – May 28th

Watch local adidas rider Kevin Lowry and his fellow teammates in the new video “Away Days”, premiering Saturday, May 28th at The Plaza Theatre. This event is free and open to all ages.

away days

It’s a Trap!

Sam McGowan has published his video “It’s a Trap!” online for viewing. It features Sean Heather, Branden Wren, Dylan Dillz and many more Calgary skaters. Watch it here:

Vans Propeller Video Premiere

The Calgary premiere for the Vans video “Propeller” is on Monday, May 4th at Globe Cinema. It’s free for all ages and tickets will be available at the following Calgary and area Vans retailers:

The Source
Rude Boys

vans propeller

Old Nike Commercials

Right now seems like a great time to watch these old Nike Skateboarding commercials:

Local Video: “It’s A Trap”

Some good stuff, courtesy of Sam McGowan. Full video out soon.

Squad Massage Video

Here’s the teaser for the new Calgary-based video, Squad Massage:

Geoff Strelow Exclusive “Street Demon” Part on Transworld Skate

Skate Life/Dalhousie Church on Global News

On November 22nd, Global News featured Skate Life at Dalhousie Community Church. Hopefully stories like these help remind the public that skateboarding in Calgary during the winter months is very limited.

New Reuben Bullock Footage

Reuben Bullock of Reuben and the Dark has been gaining popularity as a musician of late.
We’re willing to bet that many of his fans don’t know how hard he still rips on his skateboard. Check him out in this tight clip from Matt Allen:

Short Film by James Barry “Adrian Martinus”

James Barry’s award-winning short film, “Adrian Martinus” is now available for viewing. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at the two Calgary brothers who make awesome wooden objects from recycled skateboards. Enjoy:

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