Traumatized Youth Treated by Using Skatepark

You may know that an outdoor concrete skatepark was built at a private youth facility in Calgary. The facility treats traumatized youth and has been in operation for over 50 years.

The skatepark was built about two years ago but all of its benefits were not known until now. They have found that using the skatepark is allowing these traumatized youths to heal more quickly. Watch the trailer below to learn more.

There is an online fundraising auction to raise money so the film can be completed in 2018. Please bid to support this groundbreaking project.

Calgary Skater Olara Obina Fatally Shot

Olara Obina was a Calgary skateboarding legend. As a member of the Skaters team, he stood out for his talent on a skateboard.

Those who knew him remember him as much for his overwhelmingly positive attitude and smile as for his sick skating. He will be missed by many.

Unfortunately, he was fatally shot over the weekend in the neighbourhood of Ranchlands. Read more here: CBC, CTV, Calgary Sun. To date, police have not arrested any suspects.

There is a Gofundme page set up to raise funds to help his family ease the burden. His obituary is here and funeral is on  Friday, November 17, 2017 at 1:00 pm at Foothills Alliance Church.

Watch his part in Rob Thorpe’s Stay Down (shared with Ryan Curry and Darren Bjarneson). It starts 13:20 in.

This is an awesome tribute montage from Rob Trendiak:


BeerStorm 3

Liam Glass’ video, BeerStorm 3, is online for your viewing pleasure. Click below to watch.

Also, Liam and Rob Thorpe answered some questions about the video below.


What is Beerstorm?
[Liam] I don’t really know I probably won’t hit the mark on any of these questions. I never know what to write for this sort of stuff there’s always so much too say haha. BeerStorm is the best group of friends I could ever ask for just trying to skate everyday, drinking beers in random parking lots, losing your mind and getting super hyped when anyone lands a trick. BeerStorm is just the homies having fun and not taking things too seriously.

[Rob] Liam would have to explain the origin of the term but these days it’s a crew, a video series, a lifestyle really. Maybe an apparel brand one day? Who knows? Sky’s the limit right?


Tell me about the guys in the video.
[Liam] They’re all my best friends that I pretty much do everything with. This Steve Graham, Ryan Spate, Chad Baker, Riley Sykes were all on a mission and super motivated not to say anyone else wasn’t. We fixed a lot of spots and tried to get out filming everyday possible.
There was a lot of people I wish I could’ve filmed with more (Derrick Timoshenko, Dillz).
Rob Thorpe is the man! He will usually film and I shoot photos. I was super stoked when he started filming with us. The first skate video I ever bought was four down.

[Rob] An extremely tight knit crew. Maybe a little intimidating sometimes to the outsider, usually due to the large posse and constant beverage consumption. But no attitudes or egos, just a bunch of bozos out trying to have fun.


What’s the Calgary skateboard scene like right now?
[Liam] I think it’s super good right now and getting better with all the new parks we are getting. There’s been a lot of new young kids who kill popping up like crazy. We’ve also have the 403 east side project which basically a little skatetopia.  Everyone is friendly and gets along for the most part.

[Rob] It seems like the new batch of skateparks has just fired it up. Not that it ever slowed down but there’s a whole new crop of young kids absolutely killing it. Old guys coming out of the woodwork. Lots of local videos coming out all the time. DIY spots poping up. New street spots keep getting built. We got a vert ramp. I’d say it’s as strong as ever.


Who took the worst slam while filming?
[Liam] Oh man, there were a few. Steve Graham’s slams on 28 were fucked. That’s the gnarliest thing I’ve ever seen. He got going so fast on it that you could smell the metal of his trucks melting.
Chad Baker probably took the most slams and Ryan had that sack at the start of his part.
No serious injuries that took anyone out for too long though thankfully!

[Rob] Spate straight to the nuts. Or Chad, also to the nuts. Or Adrian, again, to the nuts. Or Steve by sheer volume, don’t think he sacked this year though.


Any strange encounters with non-skaters while filming?
[Liam] We were at this wall ride spot in the industrial area and this dude who could’ve been straight off Hastings showed up. He was super high on something, wearing a winter jacket and it was plus thirty, he could barely talked because he was so dehydrated. Lane gave him some water which seemed to semi bring him back to life. The dude was mumble rapping to himself and you couldn’t understand any of the words he was saying. He kept walking in front of the camera all hunchbacked and taking stuff out his pockets and leaving it on the back of our cars. He kept trying to touch my fisheye while talking gibberish. After like two hours of that he eventually stumbled off to who knows where. I don’t know how he could’ve gotten there on foot in the first place. Probably should’ve called 911 for him in hindsight.

[Rob] Nothing too dramatic but my favourite had to be old Jim at Masters Academy. Homie got so bent out of shape from the boys hitting the rail he called the cops. They show up and wonder what tricks we’ve gotten that day and who’s trying what.
“Oh, Chad needs a few more tries for his popshuv? No problem! Let’s see it!”
Jim looked like he was gonna blow his top!



Share Path Video

This post was originally published in 2012. It’s still relevant today.

We recently contacted City of Calgary aldermen and urged them to watch the video below, titled “Share Path Skate Path“.

The simple fact is, we need more places to skate. Did you know that Calgary has the most extensive pathway network in North America? And skateboarding IS allowed on the pathways, provided all other rules are being followed.

Wouldn’t some little skate spots and skateable art pieces be a nice addition to the pathways?

SHARE PATH SKATE PATH from Skate Sculpture on Vimeo.


Neal Unger — Calgary Skater

You might know him as “the old guy who rips” or the guy that does all the crazy hand flip tricks. Neal Unger is his name and he’s been skating since the 1960s.

He has worked all over the world and lives in California. But he has a Calgary connection– he went to high school here and lived in Bowness!

Neal tell us that he “cried for two years” after he moved from California to Calgary, until he realized he could ski at Paskapoo Slopes (now known as Winsport) right near his home. “I froze my fingers for two years!” he tells us. He also remembers going to a skatepark with a snake run but it was “pretty hairy and scary”.


Neal has filmed commercials in Central America, South America, Europe, and Africa. He’s also been in a few movies.

This video features Neal at Millennium Park, showing his stuff and skating with his grandson and some locals. Watch for the vintage footage of Neal surfing on the Bow River (2:20):


He says he hopes to visit Calgary again soon and is excited at the prospect of surfing on the Bow river again. Neal is a dual Canadian/American citizen and his parents still live in Calgary.

Interview: Chad Baker

We caught up with long time Calgary ripper Chad Baker to see what he’s been up to. With banging parts in Beer Storm 1 and 2, and tons of crazy Instagram clips, Chad is always up to something wild on his board. Learn more about Chad and his Skate for Phillippines project. All photos by Liam Glass.

When did you start skating?
I started skating in grade 7 I do believe!
Were you born in Calgary?
Yep I’m a born and raised true Calgarian.

Tell us about Skate for Phillipines. How could someone get involved or donate?
Skate For Philippines is a thing my friends and I started, basically we just wanted to be able to give back to the skate community by collecting skate gear. I helped a friend who’s from the Philippines last year and he was able to bring down a bunch of skate stuff for the kids out there! He said it went great but they needed more, so that’s when I got the ball rolling for this.

You can donate any gear to Mission or get a hold of myself and I usually go meet people for donations. Yeah I plan to go out to the Philippines and hand deliver the gear myself, I can’t wait to see all the smiling faces. I’m also trying to start a thing where you can sponsor a child and send them a complete and other stuff along with it!

Where are your favourite places to skate?
My favourite place to skate would definitely have to be California, but skating Calgary with the homies is always the best!

 Any trips planned this year? 
As for trips, me and the boys are going to do a lot of travelling this summer. We’ve got a few projects in the go that we’re all pretty stoked on!

Thanks/shout outs.
Big thanks to all my sponsors! Almost, Globe, Tensor, Dwindle Distribution, Remind Insoles via Trading Post sales, Artical Clothing,  and Mission Skate Shop! And a huge shout out to my homies Steve G, Ryan, Riley, Adrian, Rob, Steve and everyone else who I skate with– you all kill it!!

Video: 4 Down

Rob Thorpe’s fourth Calgary skate video, 4 Down (2005), is now on our Vimeo page. Please watch, enjoy, and share!

4 Down from Calgary Skateboarding on Vimeo.

Video: Collective

Rob Thorpe’s third skate video, featuring Calgary skaters Devin Morrison, Brett Rehman, Sean MacAlister, Trevor Miller, Keegan Callahan, Beau Larson, Jonathan Lachance, Justin Cahill, Kyle Lovstrom, Ryan Curry, Ryan Oughton, Olara Obina, Luke Callahan, Bill Cowan, and more. Originally released in 2004.

Collective (2004) from Calgary Skateboarding on Vimeo.

Video: Still Down

We’re happy to present Rob Thorpe’s second video, Still Down. This one is from 2003. Enjoy.

Video: Stay Down

Rob Thorpe is an OG Calgary skater who made a series of skate videos featuring the best Calgary skaters. Rob has donated copies to us so that we can put them on Vimeo.

The first video up is Stay Down (2002). Enjoy!

Stay Down from Calgary Skateboarding on Vimeo.


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