Calgary Herald Opinion Piece Regarding Edgemont Skatepark

Perhaps you’ve read Naomi Lakritz’ opinion column on the Edgemont Skatepark in the Calgary Herald.
Unfortunately, the column displays typical stereotypical views of skateboarders and skateparks. We wrote a response and the Calgary Herald published it today. You can read it at this link.


Millennium Park Hours Update

millennium nightCASE’s focus in recent months has certainly been the coming skateparks. However, we’ve been in talks with the City, Calgary Police, and others regarding the hours at Millennium Park.

After the 2013 flood, Millennium’s hours were changed to “regional park hours” (5AM-11PM). CASE lobbied to have the hours returned to normal (open 24 hours) and was successful, at least for a temporary basis until more stakeholder engagement could be done.

We’re happy to report that the engagement is complete and the City has declared Millennium Park a 24 hour skatepark once again. Note that the skatepark is open 24 hours a day but the rest of the park (greenspace, stage area) will operate under regional park hours.

Read the official release here.

Edgemont Skatepark Design Concept

Here’s a look at the concept design for the Edgemont Skatepark, courtesy of the City of Calgary and Van der Zalm & Associates:




Petition for the Edgemont Skatepark

Please click the image below and sign the petition to save the Edgemont skatepark:

petition for skatepark

1993 Calgary Sun Comic

skate comic

Metro News Article: Edgemont Skatepark

Recently, Metro News published an article about the planned Edgemont Skatepark. Although designs for this park have not yet been unveiled, a group of misinformed Edgemont residents is calling the future park an “eye sore”.

Chances are, you probably know what a modern skatepark looks like. Look at Chinook Winds Skatepark in Airdrie, or any of the others in smaller centres near Calgary.

CASE has faith in City of Calgary Recreation that they would never allow a park to be built that would be considered an “eye sore”. One of the skateparks that is referenced in the Skateboard Amenities Strategy is The Plaza at The Forks in Winnipeg, MB. Although taste in design is subjective, it would be difficult to find anyone who calls it an eyesore. This claim is supported by the recent completion of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, which is located right next to the skatepark.

The Plaza at The Forks - Winnipeg, MB

The Plaza at The Forks – Winnipeg, MB

2015 Skatepark Preliminary Concepts







Skate Life/Dalhousie Church on Global News

On November 22nd, Global News featured Skate Life at Dalhousie Community Church. Hopefully stories like these help remind the public that skateboarding in Calgary during the winter months is very limited.

Millennium Park Repairs Needed

CASE board members have reached out to City of Calgary Parks regarding the damage/wear to Millennium Park. We’ve combed the park and photographed the damaged areas and sent on to our City Parks contact. We’ll also be meeting with them in person to come up with some recommendations to make this skatepark safer for everyone.

Dalhousie Community Church Skatelife

Winter is here and, although there hasn’t been much snow yet, it’s definitely cold outside. That means another skateboarding season has come to an end. Calgary still has no indoor skatepark.
The only public option, currently, is “Skatelife” on Tuesday nights at Dalhousie Community Church. Click the image below for more info:


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