Updated Southwood Photos

The tarps have been removed from the Southwood skatepark and we’re waiting to hear back from the city regarding completion date. We’ve posted more photos (thanks to Benji W) on our Facebook page:


10 Year Old Jett Meets With Councillor Woolley

We were present at a meeting between 10 year old student, Jett, his mom, and Ward 8 Councillor Woolley. Jett is passionate about skateboarding and has done a lot of research on indoor skateparks.

With all the new outdoor skateparks being developed, we’re optimistic that the need for an indoor skatepark will be addressed. The Skateboard Amenities Strategy recommends an indoor skatepark for the city:

“Find a suitable location for one or more indoor skateparks or wheeled sport facilities to comprise an area of at least 1,850 m2 (20,000 ft2). An indoor facility may be located in an existing building or be a purpose built facility that is clustered with a recreation centre. Indoor facilities should serve both skateboarders, bmx, inline skaters and provide a fitness track for roller skaters. See page 50.” (Skateboard Amenities Strategy, 2011, p. 9)

woolley jett maria

Millennium Park Photos

Marlene H. AKA ImageMaven has posted some photos showing the dry (and snowy) portions at Millennium Park currently:

Indoor Skatepark Survey

A couple of weeks we told you of Jason Huang’s crowdfunding efforts for an indoor skatepark. He’s put together a survey in order to learn more about what Calgary skaters might want in an indoor park. Please take a minute to complete it at this link.

Metro News Southwood Story

Metro Calgary has published a story about the construction errors at the Southwood skatepark. Click the photo below to read it:

southwood metro

Huntington Hills Construction Photos

Here are some new photos from Huntington Hills skatepark construction:

Indoor Skatepark Crowdfunding

Local skater Jason Huang has set up an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in the hopes of bringing an indoor skatepark to Calgary. Click the photo to read a Metro Calgary article about him and his efforts:

indoor skatepark indiegogo

Southwood Bowl Construction Update

The concrete in the bowl at Southwood Skatepark was poured incorrectly and needs to be removed. This is being done by the contractor (PCL) at no extra cost to the city or taxpayers.
The designer/consultant (Van Der Zalm & Associates) is ensuring these new parks are built to specification and any deviations are unacceptable.
As always, check back here as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on Southwood and Huntington Hills parks.

Calgary Skateboarder Rescued After Whale-Watching Boat Sinks

Dwayne Mazereeuw and his family.

Dwayne Mazereeuw and his family.

Well known local skater, Dwayne Mazereeuw and his wife Elisa were on the whale-watching boat that sank near Tofino last month.
You may recognize Dwayne as construction director of New Line Skateparks and as one of the founders of True North Skateboards.
Dwayne and his wife were rescued by people from a First Nations community called Ahousaht. Coincidentally, there is a crowdfunding campaign to build a skatepark in Ahousaht, which Dwayne has now committed to help build as a thank you for saving his and his wife’s lives.
You can learn more about Dwayne and Elisa’s harrowing experience and rescue as well as the skatepark fundraising campaign on the Facebook page they’ve set up to raise awareness for the skatepark project:

Southwood Skatepark Update

With the extraordinarily long construction season of 2015, PCL has been able to work on Southwood Skatepark for longer than anticipated. Here are some photos from our recent visit to the site. City officials have planned for a December completion for both Southwood and Huntington Hills skateparks.
southwood nov 2015

southwood nov 2015-2

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