Video: Stay Down

Rob Thorpe is an OG Calgary skater who made a series of skate videos featuring the best Calgary skaters. Rob has donated copies to us so that we can put them on Vimeo.

The first video up is Stay Down (2002). Enjoy!

Stay Down from Calgary Skateboarding on Vimeo.


New Calgary Skateparks for 2017

Since the Skateboard Amenities Strategy began to be implemented, we’ve seen six outdoor concrete skateparks built in Calgary: CKE, Southwood, Huntington Hills, New Brighton, Midnapore, and Deer Run.

This year, we’ll likely see two more: Bowness and Genesis Centre (northeast).

Bowness skatepark initial concept

City staff have informed us that these two new parks will go out to tender/bid in March so that ground can be broken as soon as the construction season starts in late spring. Construction times of skateparks vary a lot due to size of the parks and weather, the latter which can be very unpredictable in Calgary.

In addition to Bowness and Genesis, the new Rocky Ridge rec centre will have a skatepark. The facility is scheduled to open in 2018.

We’ll continue to keep you informed on the latest developments of these new parks.

Bowness Skatepark Information Session February 13

The City of Calgary is moving forward with the long-awaited Bowness skatepark.

A drop-in information session has been scheduled for Monday, February 13th from 5PM-9PM at the Bowness Community Hall. We hope to see you there.

Check out the news brief from the City below:

New Location for Bowness Skate Spot

Calgary’s newest skatepark location has been announced! Bowness skate spot will be located in Queen Elizabeth Park, also known as 77 Street Park. Engagement from 2014 will be honoured so preliminary designs will be released early in 2017!
You may recall that the original location near Our Lady of the Assumption School was kyboshed last year for various reasons. The new location has the support of the community association, councillor, and Calgary legion located nearby.
Watch for more information in the near future.

Respect the DIY Spots

There are now a handful of DIY skate spots in Calgary. DIY stands for “do it yourself”. That means that individuals or groups of individuals have used their own time and resources to design and build these skateparks.

DIY skateparks aren’t a new concept. Burnside Project in Portland, Leeside in Vancouver, FDR in Philadelphia, and Channel Street in San Pedro are some of the best known ones.




Skaters at these DIY parks adhere to a specific set of rules and often self-police them with tenacity that comes from pride– pride from pouring their hearts and souls into these parks. And it a many cases, a lot of funds.

Rules at Burnside, for example, include no scooters, no bike pegs, and no drugs or alcohol. It comes down to respect. If you respect the builders and the park, you’ll be allowed to skate there. If you disrespect it, chances are you will be very unwelcome by the locals and likely banned.

Channel Street

Channel Street

The function of “harsh locals” is two-fold– they keep out riff raff like drug users and others who seek out places to engage in illicit behaviours. They also ensure that no one is disrespecting their park. And make no mistake– it is their park. They built it so they get to say who uses it. Think of it as their house.



These rules aren’t that different from the sanctioned skateparks we have. PLEASE respect our parks, both DIY and legit. Don’t litter, don’t loiter, don’t snake, and just treat people how you would like to be treated. Offer help– chances are it will be accepted. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a local one day.




Southwood Skatepark Damage

One of Calgary’s new skateparks, Southwood, has some unfortunate damage to the “clamshell” section of the bowl. Be very cautious when skating this area as the cracks are large enough to halt a wheel or grind.

We’ve been in contact with the city and hope they address this issue quickly. Southwood Skatepark was opened in the spring of 2016.

southwood-skatepark-damage-1 southwood-skatepark-damage-2

Midnapore Skate Spot is Open

Calgary’s newest skatepark to open is the Midnapore skate spot.

So far, reports are positive on skateability and construction quality. Here’s a photo from opening day, courtesy of Wilco Contractors:midnapore-done-wilco

The park is located behind the Mid-Sun Community Centre, at 50 Midpark Rise SE.

Midnapore Skate Spot Opening Soon

UPDATE: Midnapore Skate Spot is opening soon! City officials have told us the park is not quite ready to open yet. It’s located behind the Mid Sun Community Centre and Midnapore School, at the corner of Midlake Blvd SE and Midpark Rise SE. Get some at the newest skatepark in Calgary! Photos courtesy of Mid Sun Community Association.

Calgary Skateboarding History in Swerve Magazine

Today’s edition of Swerve Magazine includes a great article about Calgary’s skateboarding history. It covers early skateparks, founding figures like Chuck Bell and John and Barry Hiebert, along with some general skateboarding information. Pick up Swerve in today’s Calgary Herald or click the image below to read:

Photo by Brent Mykytyshyn / Swerve

Photo by Brent Mykytyshyn / Swerve

Skateletics Competition October 1 at Southwood Skatepark

Have you been waiting for a real competition that will showcase your athletic prowess on a skateboard? 100 yard mongo dash and hippie jump hurdles are just two of of the events at Skateletics, presented by The Source and Timebomb Trading at Southwood on October 1st. Click below for the Facebook event info.



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