Derrick Timoshenko Interview

Derrick Timoshenko is a Calgary skateboarder, CASE supporter, and overall rad dude! We’re pleased to have our youth journalist Peter Osiowy conduct this interview and showcase local talent in Calgary!

Photo: Steve Marentette


What was your first set up?

Walmart board. No idea what it was, but I know it was from Walmart though.


Which felt better down a 12 stair?  A nollie heel or fakie frontside flip?

Fakie frontside flip. It took a lot of attempts, probably at least 2-3 hours. When I pulled it off I almost couldn’t believe it.


Did those tricks happen on the same day?

No, different days.


Place you want to visit?

Paris. I’ve had a bunch of buddies go there and they’re always sending videos and stuff. Cool architecture and skate parks. Good food.

Photo: Rob Bishop


Place you’ve been and want to return to?

Austin, Texas.


Steaks or sushi.

Definitely sushi.  Love the ginger too. 


When you’re setting up a skateboard, do you carve the tape out with a file before you cut it?

For sure. I always use a file or something similar first. Actually, I’ve never seen anyone not use a file.


So what’s it like being a really good skater vs. someone who spends more time trying tricks?

It does feel good to land tricks, but I do put in tons of effort trying and working on new tricks and all, and I do spend lots of time not landing things. I like seeing people work hard to pull off a trick is a lot cooler than doing the same tricks over and over. I’d rather do something I’m uncomfortable doing than do the same things I already know I can do.


Photo: Steve Marentette


Do you have your half dozen tricks you know you can land to warm up?

Of course, but that’s just for the warm up. It’s about trying to get things that are out of your realm. That’s progression to me.


Is there anything you’ve been thinking about trying that you want to share?

Skate the Stampede Corral rail.


What did you learn from the visioning session for the future of skateboarding in Calgary?

If I can give anything back to skating it would be an honour. Helping out skateboarding in any way would be an honour. There’s a lot to do for skateboarding that I never realized, and CASE works really hard for the skateparks and the community.  The goals all hover around more or less the same question – how to progress skating in Calgary. I’m probably most excited about seeing an indoor skate park built in the next five years.


What do you think would need to happen for an indoor skate park to be built?

There needs to be funding — from government, or WinSport, or private investors, or maybe all three. A proper indoor park won’t be cheap, but I think it is a combined effort with the skating community also becoming more involved.


Photo: Liam Glass


What advice would you give to a new skateboarder?

Practice makes perfect.  Patience is a virtue.  Hard work will reward.


Anything else?

Very hyped on CASE, and on everything they’ve done for the community. I’m really appreciative of all their hard work. Sign up to Canada Skateboard! Have fun out there and be safe!

Photo: Jade Hertz


June 8th Mills Cleanup and CASE Fundraiser!

Come on out to Millennium and help clean up and paint the park on Saturday June 8th from 10am – 3pm (*Note – Park will not be usable during painting).

Then get pumped for the CASE fundraiser at the @palominosmokehouse Saturday night. Doors 8pm – Bands 930pm. Will have a ton of awesome items for silent auction. Be sure to follow us on facebook and Instagram to check out all the great stuff available!


Thanks to everyone who has helped us out:

– Youth Brigade
– Nine Times
– The Source
– Vans Canada/King Pin Agency
– The Ship & Anchor
– DC Skateboarding
– Pabst Blue Ribbon 
– The Compound
– Jon Balletta (Eternal Image Tattoos)
– [x] Conz
– Darren Parnell (High Wire Tattoo)
– Dylan Birkholm (High Wire Tattoo)
– Garret Price (Tattoo Artists)
– Mike Peace/Parkour Tattoo
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Tickets can be purchased at


Contact with any questions!

CASE 2019 AGM Presentation

CASE 2019 AGM Presentation

Thanks to everyone who supported CASE at our 2019 AGM on May 22nd! We shared a lot of information about the upcoming year in Calgary Skateboarding including: 

  • Skatepark construction updates
  • CASE’s new vision
  • Millennium Clean-up and Painting (June 8th Afternoon)
  • Fundraiser and Convert at Palomino (June 8th Evening)
  • Supply box project expansion
  • 2019 @yyctrickoftheyear
  • Field Law Grant – “There Gives the Neighborhood”
  • Canada Skateboard membership and Contest Series

And a lot more! Check the presentation below and email about volunteer opportunities or any questions!


CASE Annual General Meeting – May 22nd!

The Calgary Association of Skateboarding Enthusiasts will be holding our 2019 AGM on Wednesday May 22nd, 7:00pm at the Compound (840 26 Ave SE):

We have exciting news on the state of Skateboarding in Calgary including: new Skatepark construction, contests and events, CASE’s new goals and vision, and much more!

Please join us May 22nd to learn how you can help promote the growth of Skateboarding in Calgary!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at chair@calgaryskateboarding,com

Interview: Lindsey, Nash and Reese’s Mom

Nash and Reese are two young Calgary skateboarders who have been getting noticed for a couple of reasons: their skills and their age. Both are under 10 years old but are landing tricks that much older and more experienced skaters have trouble with. See them on Instagram here.

We spoke with their mom, Lindsey, about skating and living in Calgary.

How old are Nash and Reese? How long have they been skating for?
Nash is 8 yrs old and Reese is 6 years old. They’ve both been skating for almost 3 years.

Do you and your husband skate? How did the kids get into it?
Neither of us can skate. We both snowboard, but the kids are already better than us at that too.

The whole thing started when we found a skateboard on our lawn when Nash was 5 yrs old. We had tried putting him in all kinds of activities, but he didn’t enjoy anything. We took him to The Compound for some skate lessons and he was hooked. Reese wanted to do whatever her big brother was doing. The Compound embraced Reese’s crazy and let her start lessons there when she was 3 years old.

It looks like you encourage them to skate a lot. Do you plan skate trips now?

We’re happy to drive them to the skatepark whenever they want to skate. When they’re enjoying something, it makes us happy. It’s awesome to watch them work hard for a trick and see the sense of accomplishment when they finally get it.

The only skate trip we’ve planned so far, was Woodward West last December. The kids said that all they wanted for Christmas was to go to Woodward, so we made a family holiday out of it.

That said, we have started bringing their skateboards wherever we go. The kids really like trying new skateparks. Their dad also recently started a job in California, so they have one skateboard here and one in the States.

Where do the kids like to skate?
Their home base is definitely the Compound. They’ve been skating there since the very beginning. The love it because they usually see at least one of their skate friends. I would definitely say Jared Anderson and the crew at the Compound are skate family.

Do you ever get worried about them getting hurt?
When the kids first started, I was very worried about injuries. It was the hardest to watch Reese because she was doing crazy stuff when she was super little.

At this point, I trust that the kids know what they’re capable of. Both of them seem to have an individual sense of how far they can push themselves. We try to remind the kids to have confidence and try new things while making “good choices” at the skatepark.

Who are their favourite skaters?

Reese’s favourite skaters are Tom Nelner and Kevin Lowry. Nash’s favourite skaters are Jayson Guenther and Caleb Nicholls.

What are their favourite tricks?
Reese likes blunt fakies. She recently got them while we were in California and she was super proud. Reese gravitates towards halfpipes and vert skating.

Nash likes pop shuvits. He has more fun skating street.

Who do they skate with?
They mostly skate with the Compound and Southwood regulars. Reese can often be found skating with or by Tom Nelner, Jayson Guenther and Caleb Nicholls.

Do they have any sponsors? Any skateboarding-related goals?
They don’t have any sponsors, but they have received clothing from different skate shops. We were in California last month and Skateworks (a shop in Los Altos) gave Reese one of their shirts after seeing her skate. They joked that she has to wear it when she’s in the Olympics.

We make it a point to tell the kids that the focus at the skatepark is to have fun.

Reese has mentioned that she wants to go to the X Games, but most of the time she’s focused on progressing and learning new tricks. Reese would like to be sponsored by Ninetimes like her buddy, Tom.

Nash has said that he wants to own a skate shop or a skatepark. He’s mostly focused right now on having fun with skate friends and trying new stuff.

Who would you like to thank or shout out?
Honestly, the local skate community has been so good to the kids. We can’t go to a skatepark in Calgary without one of the older skaters chatting with the kids or offering some tips.

The Youth Brigade was a great place for the kids to start out and they’ve been good about letting the kids ride their ramp if it’s open.

The guys at Ninetimes have been awesome over the last year. We completely rely on them to tell us what the kids should be riding and how to maintain their boards. The kids love going there!

The guys at the Compound have been amazing from day #1. They even hosted Reese’s 6th birthday and some of her favourite local skaters gave up their Friday night to help her celebrate.

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