RAT ‘Zine #2

If you are a bit older and grew up in the punk/skate scene of the 1980s, you’ll remember ‘zines. If you skated in Calgary in that time period, you’ll probably know about RAT ‘Zine. It was created by John Hiebert and Craig Marshall.

John sent us a PDF version of RAT issue #2. Click here to read it. 

Bowness and Genesis Construction Re-Tendered

We told you how the construction tender for Genesis and Bowness skateparks closed near the end of June. There were two bids, both drastically different.

As a result, the city has canceled the tender. The low bid was non-compliant and the high bid was beyond the allocated budget.

The project has been re-tendered-– it closes on August 4th. Hopefully the results will be different this time. Unfortunately, we’ve lost about a month of construction time so there won’t be much opportunity to skate Bowness and Genesis parks if they are completed before winter.

They’ve updated the scope of work slightly to exclude “secondary tie in concrete pieces connecting them to the sidewalks in the existing areas” and  added a new category of applicant, landscape architects,  in hopes of increasing bids.

Remember that for a company to bid on City of Calgary construction projects, they must be on the pre-qualified list. We’ll keep you posted on progress.

Share Path Video

This post was originally published in 2012. It’s still relevant today.

We recently contacted City of Calgary aldermen and urged them to watch the video below, titled “Share Path Skate Path“.

The simple fact is, we need more places to skate. Did you know that Calgary has the most extensive pathway network in North America? And skateboarding IS allowed on the pathways, provided all other rules are being followed.

Wouldn’t some little skate spots and skateable art pieces be a nice addition to the pathways?

SHARE PATH SKATE PATH from Skate Sculpture on Vimeo.


Bowness/Genesis Centre Tender Results

The construction tender for Bowness and Genesis skateparks has closed. Ellis Don was the low bidder at $980,789.04 while the next and only bidder was Wilco at $1,819,689.80



Yes, Wilco’s bid came in at nearly double Ellis Don’s. What does this mean?

It’s hard to say at this point. Take into account the square footage of both parks together: it’s about 16,000. We told you how much the new skateparks have cost to date and that cost per square foot is just under $100. The math on the Ellis Don and Wilco bids works out to about $60 per square foot and $110 per square foot, respectively.

As you as a skateboarder know, skateparks are less “construction projects” and more works of art. With wheel sizes hovering around 50mm, tolerances are low and there’s not much room for deviance or error. Even the concrete mixes for skateparks are unique. Rails must be at the correct height and angle, coping can’t stick out too much or too little, transition radii must be laser-accurate… we could go on, but you get it.

It’s not ideal when general contractors build skateparks. They’re great at building roads, and skyscrapers, but a lot of times they don’t understand the details that are required for quality skateparks.

Take, for example, the debacle with Southwood in 2015. The contractor poured concrete over top of the coping and the concrete all had to be ripped out. It’s not surprising that the one portion that wasn’t ripped out (clamshell) was dangerously crumbling and unskateable until some Southwood locals repaired it earlier this year.

Until the city starts allowing specialty skatepark construction companies to bid on the construction of Calgary skateparks, we’ll be nervous until the parks open and can be tested.


Go Skateboarding Day 2017

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Go Skateboarding Day event at Millennium. Special thanks to sponsors: Youth Brigade, DC Shoes, Mission Snow & Skate, Vans, Artschool Skateboards, and City of Calgary Recreation. Calgary has a great skateboarding scene.

Go Skateboarding Day 2017 – June 21

Go Skateboarding Day is a day to celebrate skateboarding. There are lots of events going on around the city on GSD. Here are the posters for the events happening in Calgary on Go Skateboarding Day (June 21):

Skateboard Strategy Update

From the Skateboard Amenities Strategy:

“Currently, The City of Calgary is in need of additional skateboarding area to meet the needs of the skateboarding population. It is recommended that the City develop an additional 243,860 sqft to meet the needs of the current skateboarding population. To meet projected needs of the skateboarding population over the next 10 years, it is estimated that a total of 277,607 sqft be constructed.”

The above image shows the size of the parks built in 2015 and 2016 in square feet. The total is about 50,000. That means we still have a lot more skatepark terrain to go, if we’re sticking with the recommendations of the Strategy.

Click below to read it if you haven’t yet.


UPDATE: Millennium Park Lasers

Millennium Park Lasers

Last week we told you about the lasers at Millennium Park. CBC spoke with a City of Calgary official who says they won’t be able to use the lasers anymore.

Read the CBC article here.

Listen to the CBC audio here.

Go Skateboarding Day 2017

Join us at Millennium Park between 4-6pm on June 21 for a free Go Skateboarding Day celebration!


What Flamingo Girls’ Skateboarding Tour

The ladies from 100% Skate Club are collaborating with artists Eric and Mia for “What Flamingo”, an all girls city-wide skate tour and collection of events.

Beginning on June 21 (Go Skateboarding Day), the ladies will tour Calgary skateparks, host a photo workshop, and premiere a skate video.

Follow 100% Skate Club on Facebook and watch Eric and Mia’s website for updates.

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