Millennium Park Parking

We’ve had a lot of people ask about parking at Millennium lately. Parking in or near downtown Calgary can be tricky, so here are the public parking lots nearest to the park:

Lot 61, the “S” on the upper part of the map, is actually located further west and wraps around the former Science Centre building. Rates are:

Daytime Everyday (06:00 – 18:00):
$2.00 per 1/2 hour to maximum of $12.00 (Minimum purchase $2.00)

Purchases Everyday BETWEEN 16:00 – 06:00*
$1.00 per 1/2 hour to maximum of $3.00 (Minimum purchase $1.00)
*Daytime rates apply to all purchases made prior to 16:00 everyday. Daytime rates apply on these purchases until 18:00.

Notice: The only entrance and exit at Lot 61 is from 11 Street; the entrance from 6 Avenue is now closed.

Lot 64 is the one next to the armory. Its rates are:

Daytime Mon – Fri (06:00 – 18:00)
$1.75 per 1/2 hour to a maximum of $14.00 (Minimum purchase $1.75)

Daytime Sat, Sun (06:00 – 18:00)
$1.25 per 1/2 hour for the first 4 hours (Minimum purchase $1.25), $1.50 per 1/2 hour after the first 4 hours
Purchases Everyday BETWEEN 16:00 – 06:00*

$0.50 per 1/2 hour to maximum of $2.00 (Minimum purchase $0.50)

On Sundays, street parking is free (if you can find it). Take care if parking on private property– they can ticket or tow you at their discretion. People have reported getting tickets at Staples, so we don’t recommend parking there.

Millennium Park Repairs

It’s no secret that Millennium’s infrastructure has seen better days. However, we’ve been working with the city’s parks department to recommend repairs and they’ve completed them.

If you see anything that needs attention at Millennium (or any other skateparks), please contact 311, preferably with a photo and description of the situation. Feel free to let us know too, so we can follow up.
Please refrain from making repairs or alterations yourself. Thanks!


Genesis Centre Skatepark Design

Here’s a look at the design of the Genesis Centre skatepark, scheduled to be built later this year. The city is hosting an open house where you’ll be able to ask questions at the Genesis Centre on April 26 from 6pm-9pm.

Annual General Meeting May 10

Photo by Liam Glass.

On behalf of the CASE board, I’d like to invite you to our Annual General Meeting. This year it will take place on Wednesday, May 10 at Festival Hall, 1215 10 Ave SE at 7:00 PM.

It’s important that you join us for the meeting. This past year was an important one for Calgary skateboarding and the coming year will no doubt be important too. We want feedback from you.

Where do you see CASE going? What would you like to see from CASE? How did we do over the past year?

Come out to hear about new skateparks planned for 2017, events, and a few other things we have in mind for the future.

Keep skating!

Paul Derksen, Chair

Genesis Centre Skatepark Open House April 26

As we mentioned back in February, the Genesis Centre in Calgary’s northeast will be the site of another outdoor concrete skatepark in the city. Plans are for summer 2017 construction.

The design concept for the new park will be on display at the Genesis Centre, 7555 Falconridge Blvd NE from April 24-29. There will also be an open house info session on April 26 from 6pm-9pm at the Genesis Centre, with city staff on site to answer any questions.

March Board Meeting

Our March meeting is on Wednesday, March 8 at 7PM. Contact us if you’d like to attend.


Skateparks in Calgary

CASE is not directly affiliated with any skateparks in Calgary. We advocate for new skateparks and skateboard friendly policies and legislation in Calgary on behalf of the Calgary skateboarding community, but we don’t own or manage any skate facilities.


  • Shaw Millennium Park – Calgary’s oldest skatepark is located on the site of the old Mewata Stadium, on the west side of downtown at Bow Trail/9th Ave between 14th and 11th Streets. It’s Canada’s largest at 75,000 square feet. The skatepark is open 24 hours a day; the greenspace surrounding the park adheres to regular park hours (5AM-11PM). Read more about it on the city’s skatepark site.

South East

  • Deer Run – 2223 146th Ave SE, next to Deer Run Community Centre. 2016 construction.
  • Midnapore – Midlake Blvd SE, next to Midsun Community Centre. 2016 construction.
  • New Brighton – 130 Ave SE, east of 52 St SE. Opened Summer 2016.
  • McKenzie Towne has a small modular park with mostly steel-framed ramps. View the park details here. It’s located at 200 McKenzie Towne Gate SE.

South West

  • CKE Skate Spot is about 5,000 of plaza style terrain located at the corner of Elbow Drive and 73 Ave SW.
  • Southwood – Sackville Drive SW, next to Southwood Community Hall. Opened Spring 2016.
  • Westside Rec Centre, located at 2000 69 St SW has a smaller modular skatepark that is open during the spring and summer months. The set up includes various street obstacles and a 40 foot wide mini ramp with a bank and two distinct sections. Read more at this link.
  • Woodcreek, a small modular skatepark built by area Community Associations separate from the Skateboard Strategy.

North East

  • Genesis Centre – skatepark is in the design process

North West

Mobile Skateparks

The City of Calgary operates the Mobile Skatepark Program during the summer months, generally starting in late June. There are a few parks that travel to all quadrants of the city. Check out this link for dates and locations.

Calgary Region Skateparks

There are a number of free outdoor skateparks in towns close to Calgary.

Skateboard Amenities Strategy

In spring 2017, the City will be moving into the construction phase of the last 2 parks of the first eight, as outlined in the Skateboard Amenities Strategy. You can read about how the initial skatepark sites were selected in this report. The City’s Skatepark Development website has some more information on it regarding these future skateparks.


Indoor Skateparks

Currently, Calgary has one indoor skatepark, The Compound, operated by Riders on Board Snowboard Club.

The city has had nearly a dozen indoor parks come and go, however. Places like Skatopia, All Skool, Four-O-Three, Skateworld, and Skate Jungle were all privately operated. It’s been proven that private indoor skateparks cannot exist in most cities. High overhead/operational costs combined with insurance costs make indoor parks a tough go financially.


CASE has submitted proposals for indoor skateparks on two separate occasions. The first was for a location in Inglewood, the second for the former Science Centre building downtown.


CASE is working constantly towards an indoor facility. We live in a city that is unskateable nearly half of the year. We hope to follow the models of parks like Le Taz in Montreal or the Regina Indoor Park. The cost of running a skatepark cannot be supported by user fees alone; a partnership is required. For example, a donated building.


Skatelife operates a temporary indoor skatepark every Tuesday night at Dalhousie Community Church. More info on their website:


New Calgary Skateparks for 2017

Since the Skateboard Amenities Strategy began to be implemented, we’ve seen six outdoor concrete skateparks built in Calgary: CKE, Southwood, Huntington Hills, New Brighton, Midnapore, and Deer Run.

This year, we’ll likely see two more: Bowness and Genesis Centre (northeast).

Bowness skatepark initial concept

City staff have informed us that these two new parks will go out to tender/bid in March so that ground can be broken as soon as the construction season starts in late spring. Construction times of skateparks vary a lot due to size of the parks and weather, the latter which can be very unpredictable in Calgary.

In addition to Bowness and Genesis, the new Rocky Ridge rec centre will have a skatepark. The facility is scheduled to open in 2018.

We’ll continue to keep you informed on the latest developments of these new parks.

Bowness Skatepark Information Session February 13

The City of Calgary is moving forward with the long-awaited Bowness skatepark.

A drop-in information session has been scheduled for Monday, February 13th from 5PM-9PM at the Bowness Community Hall. We hope to see you there.

Check out the news brief from the City below:

New Location for Bowness Skate Spot

Calgary’s newest skatepark location has been announced! Bowness skate spot will be located in Queen Elizabeth Park, also known as 77 Street Park. Engagement from 2014 will be honoured so preliminary designs will be released early in 2017!
You may recall that the original location near Our Lady of the Assumption School was kyboshed last year for various reasons. The new location has the support of the community association, councillor, and Calgary legion located nearby.
Watch for more information in the near future.

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