Document to set the future of Skateparks in Calgary


Download Skatepark Strategy (85 pages – 7.6 Mb)

CASE has been working very hard in recent months, collaborating with City of Calgary staff to prepare the City Of Calgary Skateboarding Amenities Strategy 2011.  This document, once approved  by City Council, will set the direction Calgary takes for building skateparks for many years to come.  The Strategy will be presented to the Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services this Wednesday , and there is opportunity for public input at the meeting, which won’t be available when the Strategy is presented to Council for approval.  This is an opportunity to briefly speak in favour of the Strategy and skateboarding in general and CASE hopes others will be able to join CASE in expressing support to City Councilors.

The Skateboarding Amenities Strategy establishes a need for more skateparks and proposes a network of large and small skateparks and skate spots across the city, including indoor skateparks.  The meeting is at 9:30, in the Engineering Traditions Committee Room in the old City Hall building.

The agenda for the meeting is available here.  You can download a copy of the strategy from the agenda page or by clicking on the strategy title page graphic

Skateboarders’ Support Critical!

The support of the Calgary skateboarding community  will be critical is convincing City Council not only to support the strategy, but to prioritize skateparks and set aside funds to see them built.  If you can attend the meeting that would be great, but please be sure to contact your Councilor to express your support for more skateparks now, again in the new year when the strategy goes to Council for approval, and from time to time throughout the year.  We need to keep skateparks on their radar screen, and counter those who object to skateparks as they will be vocal too.

Please contact CASE  if you have any comments or questions, or if you’d like to be involved in CASE’s work for skateboarding in Calgary!

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