Friend of C.A.S.E. (and now former Calgary filmer), Brock Mitchell is now working at the most famous indoor skatepark/website/hype machine — The Berrics. We had a quick chat with him over e-mail and this is what he had to say:

Hey Brock, what happened?
I am now employed at the Berrics. And my to do list is out the window.

How did it go down?
So as the story goes, years and years of video work became piled up on my resume. With Youtube channels, and Vimeo channels making their rounds, suddenly I received an email back from Steve Berra, someone who I have admired for his hard word and contribution to the skateboard world.
I wrote him an open email explaining to him what we have going on here in Calgary, showing him the work I have been doing for The Source. Within 10 minutes, he replied asking if I could come down for a week to film.
Within twelve hours I was on a plane headed to Los Angeles.
Direct off the plane, I was taxied over to Ontario California, to film the Street League contest. Where I was immediately thrown into the mix of EVERY professional skateboarder you could imagine.
Hand shakes, introductions, and now about 4 weeks later, I am working along side of skateboarding’s greatest.

Brock getting some background props while filming at Street League

What exactly are you doing?
So now, I am the official documentary film maker for the Berrics. Working outside of the infamous park, showcasing the lives of people involved in skateboarding’s growth.
I’m here to move even further in my career as a filmmaker. In no way am I settling down. I am going to be working harder than I ever have to see something bigger happen.

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