We told you how the construction tender for Genesis and Bowness skateparks closed near the end of June. There were two bids, both drastically different.

As a result, the city has canceled the tender. The low bid was non-compliant and the high bid was beyond the allocated budget.

The project has been re-tendered-– it closes on August 4th. Hopefully the results will be different this time. Unfortunately, we’ve lost about a month of construction time so there won’t be much opportunity to skate Bowness and Genesis parks if they are completed before winter.

They’ve updated the scope of work slightly to exclude “secondary tie in concrete pieces connecting them to the sidewalks in the existing areas” and  added a new category of applicant, landscape architects,  in hopes of increasing bids.

Remember that for a company to bid on City of Calgary construction projects, they must be on the pre-qualified list. We’ll keep you posted on progress.

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