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Thanks to everyone who attended any of the three skatepark open house meetings!

We had great turn outs with lots of CASE members, parents, City councillors, community association representatives, and just people who are generally interested in the progress of the Skatepark Amenities Strategy and skateboarding in Calgary.

HUGE Response To Survey Needed!

From here, the City and the skatepark consultants will choose which sites to move ahead with development. You can still influence which skateparks are built by voicing your opinion in  the Placespeak survey, only available until February 14th.  This is an opportunity for you to give specific comments, ideas, and feedback about the strategy and about the specific locations being proposed.

We need a HUGE response from everyone who wants to see more skateparks in Calgary so please share the survey link with everyone you know who supports more skateparks for Calgary!.

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Map of Proposed Locations: Click for PlaceSpeak Survey

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