All Facebook Skate Art auctions close this Monday March 11th at Midnight! All proceeds go to a great cause, so show some support; get a bid in and share it on Facebook!

The auctions can be seen on


boards and text

We wanted to keep the auction process as simple as possible, while ensuring as many people got a chance to view and bid on these items. So we are hosting the auction on our Facebook page, to bid go to There you will find detailed pictures of each board and artist bios.

The rules of the auction are simple all boards start with a bidding price of $40 & bid prices need to be made in a minimum of $5 increments. This means the first bidder can bid $40, then the 2nd bidder would bid $45 or higher & the next bidder needs to be $5 higher than the last bid. Bids will be made in the comment fields so please check the most recent bid before bidding and make sure you outbid it by $5 as a bid not $5 higher than the last bid will be disregarded. All auctions close Monday March 11th at Midnight. As comments are time stamped only bids made before the end of the auction will be accepted.

Please help support Calgary skateboarding by bidding on these items and/or sharing these items on your Facebook page for more potential bidders can view them.

All winners will receive as an added bonus a free CASE T-shirt. Winners will be contacted by CASE and can pay for their item via PayPal or with cash. Thanks for participating and happy bidding.

If you would like to view the boards in person Mission Skate & Snow has generously donated wall space in their downtown location at (616 17 Ave SW). Boards will be on display for the length of the auction so please go there to check them out as well as all the other great items Mission has to offer.

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