Board Members:

Tom Nelson – Interim Chair
Matt Keay – Interim Co-Chair
Steve Richardson – Secretary
Zev Klymochko – Co-Founder
Jon Lyne – Treasurer
Derrick Mitchinson
Paul Derksen

Mission Statement

Through strong partnerships and leadership, CASE fosters and supports the growth of skateboarding in Calgary.

Vision Statement

Calgary Association of Skateboarding Enthusiasts: Calgary skateboarders have access to free world-class facilities where they can skate safely, develop their skills and enjoy skate-related events.


  • Primarily Outdoor Facilities
  • Indoor Facilities


  • To provide consultation for future skateboard park projects
  • To provide resources and expertise to further the goals of this society
  • To provide program opportunities to encourage participation and skill development
  • To raise funds to achieve the goals of this society.  This includes: grants, gifts donations, legacies, bequests and inheritances
  • To establish skateboard park facilities

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