Mindless Video

If you missed the Mindless video premiere a few weeks ago, the full video is online now:

Westside Summer Skateboard Series

source westside

Royal Boardshop Presents “GromFest”

Sunday, August 24th is the date for “GromFest” put on by Royal Boardshop. It’s open to all skaters aged 6-14 and will have lessons and fun competitions with prizes from some great companies. Contact Royal for more info.

royal gromfest

New Skatepark Update – Construction

By now you should know that Calgary is getting three new outdoor concrete skateparks this year. The neighbourhoods they will be located in are Southwood, Chinook Park/CKE, and Huntington Hills.

The construction tender closes on August 19th and a qualified builder will be chosen at that time by the City. CASE has been instructed that construction will begin at the end of August with parks being complete and skateable before winter, weather permitting of course.

Here are the designs for the three parks for 2014:

Southwood 3D Concept

Southwood 3D Concept

Huntington Hills 3D Concept

Huntington Hills 3D Concept

CKE 3D Concept

CKE 3D Concept

Millennium Park Hours Engagement

The City of Calgary Parks Department is seeking input on whether permanent regional park hours should be implemented that would see Shaw Millennium Park open from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily. You can share your feedback with Parks by filling out a brief online survey, which will be open August 6th – 18th or in person at The City Events Vehicle on site at Shaw Millennium Park on August 8th from 3 – 8 p.m., August 16th 6 -10 p.m. and August 17th from 12 – 5 p.m. City representatives will be available to answer questions.

millennium night

New Chestermere Skate Spot

The new Chestermere Skate Spot is now open. Read more about it in the Rockyview Weekly.chestermere park

Tyler Warren on Studio Skateboards

Calgary skater, Tyler Warren has been added to the Studio Skateboards roster. Congrats, Tyler!

studio tyler warren

Westside Skatefest – August 9th

Skatefest poster 2014 draft3

Hero Images Looking for Skateboarders

The producer for Hero Images is looking to shoot photos of skateboarding. From Hero:

“We would like to photograph teenagers (12 years old – 19 years old) who have a variety of skill sets in either or both skateboarding and BMX, from beginners to experts. The shoot will be on either August 13th or 14th for 4 – 6 hours (likely between 10am – 6pm).
We would pay a fee as well as provide people with the final images, which they can use to promote themselves or just keep as a great souvenir.
To get an idea of the types of images we take, please have a look at our showreel on our website (http://heroimages.com/) or check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HeroImages”

If anyone is interested, they can email a recent picture to kath...@heroimages.com (camera phone pictures are perfect).

A&M Custom Woodworking

You may remember the video we posted to help drum up support for Adrian and Martinus Pool. They’re some woodworking brothers who make very cool objects out of old skateboards. We interviewed Adrian to find out a little more about these creative Calgary skateboarders.

A & M Woodworkign
​How long have you been woodworking for? Did you always use skateboards?
How did that come about?

We grew up on an acreage outside of Red Deer and were always hammering nails into some pretty sketchy additions to the tree fort that we had. Our dad has always been a hobby wood worker, which likely came from his dad. We actually use some of our granddad’s tools still. We started skating about 12 years ago but living in the country limited our daily skating. Since we really only had the neighbours asphalt driveway to
skate on, we got pretty good at building our own ramps and boxes and things– the two have always gone hand in hand for us.
We started using old boards about 3 years ago. Adrian had ridden 8 of the same Source boards in a row, and figured that he should be able to glue them together to make something; that was the first cutting board.
We also do a lot of work with reclaimed wood, building furniture and feature walls out of it.

Where do you get the boards for your creations? How many decks do you use for an average piece?

We get our boards from all the local shops, friends and ourselves; it’s pretty easy because they are boards that have been broken or used to the point of being replaced.
It’s tough to say how many boards go into the average project; it really varies. A lot of practical items take just one board, our baseball bats take 14 board sections each, and our mosaic work can have pieces from over
50 boards. The solid top coffee table took sections from 130 boards.

How did the video collaboration with James Barry start? Congratulations on
the win with Storyhive. What does that mean for you guys?

Thanks, yes it’s pretty exciting. We’ve known James and the Ramble guys for a little while now. We basically met through skating, but the video project came about after we made some desks for their offices. They needed a subject for a video contest. We made the pitch video and promoted the hell out of it, and won. It’s basically an opportunity for us to get our work out to a larger audience.table

What’s your favourite piece that you’ve created?

Probably our solid top skateboard coffee table. It took us 10 months to make as we had to accumulate the 130 boards that are in it. By making the solid table we learned that the limitations of working with skateboards
were not as great as we thought, and that we could make almost anything with enough time and material.2014-01-21 at 12-32-08

Where can someone look at or buy your work?

You can see some of our projects on our website: Adrianmartinus.com
We also have some items at The Source 11th Ave, Sully’s in Cross Iron Mills, and soon to be in the Uncommons in Inglewood. We’ve also sold our items at Market Collective in Calgary; the next one is September 5-7 in the East Village. The best way to keep up with our work is via Instagram, @adrianmartinus. If people want to get in touch about a project idea that they want us to do, they can email us at i...@adrianmartinus.com

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