City of Calgary Mobile Skatepark Schedule

Mobile-skateboard-park-305The City of Calgary has released the schedule for the Mobile Skatepark Program. Hours are as follows:

May 2-June 28
Sat-Sun 10AM-6PM

June 29-August 6
M-F 11AM-6PM
Sat-Sun 10AM-6PM

September 2-26

May 2 – May 28 Murray Copot Arena (Indoor Rink)
6727 Centre Street NW

June 1 – 14 Marlborough Community Association (Parking Lot)
6021 Madigan Dr. NE

June 2 – 14 Southwood Community Association (Outdoor rink)
11 Sackview Drive SW

June 15 – 28 Beddington Heights Community Association (Outdoor rink)
375 Bermuda Drive NW

June 16 – 28 Millican Ogden Community Association (Parking Lot)
2020 69 Avenue SE

June 26 – July 12 Silvers Springs Community Association (Outdoor Rink)
5720 Silver Ridge Dr. NW

June 27 – July 20 Discovery Ridge Community Association (Outdoor Rink)
160 Discovery Ridge Blvd SW

June 30 – July 30 Braeside Community Association (Outdoor Rink)
11024 Braeside Dr. SW

July 2 – 19 Vivo for Healthier Generations – formerly Cardel Place (East Parking Lot)
11950 Country Village Link NE

July 14 – 29 Applewood Community Association (Outdoor Rink)
899 Applewood Dr. SE

July 21 – August 6 Edgemont Community Association (Outdoor Rink)
John Laurie Blvd. & Edgemont Dr. NW

July 22 – August 5 Valley Ridge Community Association (Outdoor Rink)
170 Valley Meadow Cl. NW

July 31 – August 23 Village Square Leisure Centre (Inside Arena #1)
2623 56 St. NE

August 1 – 12 Canyon Meadows Community Association (Outdoor Rink)
844 Cantabrian Dr. SW

August 7 – 25 Genesis Centre of Community Wellness (Parking Lot)
7555 Falconridge Blvd. NE

August 8 – 24 Hidden Valley Community Association (Outdoor Rink)
150508 Hidden Valley Dr. NW

August 14 – 26 McKenzie Lake Community Association (Outdoor Rink)
16198 McKenzie Lake Way SE

August 31 – September 11 Elbow Park Residents Association (Basketball Courts)
800 34 Avenue SW

September 14 – 25 Sandstone MacEwan Community (Outdoor Rink)
355 Sandarac Drive NW

Skateboard Strategy Update

In Fall 2014 we told you that the first three parks in the strategy were put on hold due to budget concerns.
We’re now well into 2015 and we have an update for you. The request for tender (RFT) for the CKE park is imminent; the City is telling us it will be out the week of March 23rd.

Once issued, the RFT will remain open for three weeks. After closing, the lowest bidder will be announced and construction will begin shortly after.

After construction pricing is established with CKE, the City will have a better idea of how much the other seven parks will cost and proceed accordingly with Southwood and Huntington Hills. Remember, the first eight parks had $4 million set aside for design and construction.

We will be skating fresh skatepark concrete later this summer.

CKE 3D Concept

CKE 3D Concept

100% Skate Club — Ladies Only Skateboarding

CASE’s own Erica Jacobs has started 100% Skate Club, an all-girls skateboarding club. They plan to meet twice a month for sessions. Check out their Facebook Page and article in Metro Calgary for more information.

erica jacobs metro

Kevin Lowry Pro for Habitat Skateboards

Congratulations to Kevin Lowry, who is now pro for Habitat Skateboards!Lowry pro board

City of Calgary Job: Skatepark Monitor

The City of Calgary is hiring skatepark monitors for the Mobile Skatepark Program.
Check out and look under “Leisure Services” for Job ID 205449. Good luck!

Skateparks and Schools

It’s exciting that two of the planned eight skateparks for Calgary will be located adjacent to schools. The Bowness skatepark will be next to Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School, while the CKE park will border the grounds of Henry Wise Wood High School.

Giving students the chance to ride a skatepark during breaks could make great addition to the schools’ recreation programs. It may even lead to a skateboarding curriculum, such as the one at Glendale Skatepark in Red Deer.

Glendale Sciences and Technology School Skateboarding Program

Glendale Sciences and Technology School Skateboarding Program

The University of British Columbia (UBC) has a small park on their campus, which is used by students and nearby residents.
UBC Skatepark

UBC Skatepark

UBC Skatepark overhead view

UBC Skatepark overhead view

Calgary Herald Opinion Piece Regarding Edgemont Skatepark

Perhaps you’ve read Naomi Lakritz’ opinion column on the Edgemont Skatepark in the Calgary Herald.
Unfortunately, the column displays typical stereotypical views of skateboarders and skateparks. We wrote a response and the Calgary Herald published it today. You can read it at this link.


Old Nike Commercials

Right now seems like a great time to watch these old Nike Skateboarding commercials:

Local Video: “It’s A Trap”

Some good stuff, courtesy of Sam McGowan. Full video out soon.

Millennium Park Hours Update

millennium nightCASE’s focus in recent months has certainly been the coming skateparks. However, we’ve been in talks with the City, Calgary Police, and others regarding the hours at Millennium Park.

After the 2013 flood, Millennium’s hours were changed to “regional park hours” (5AM-11PM). CASE lobbied to have the hours returned to normal (open 24 hours) and was successful, at least for a temporary basis until more stakeholder engagement could be done.

We’re happy to report that the engagement is complete and the City has declared Millennium Park a 24 hour skatepark once again. Note that the skatepark is open 24 hours a day but the rest of the park (greenspace, stage area) will operate under regional park hours.

Read the official release here.

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