Drumheller Skatepark Grand Opening

Drumheller Grand Opening Poster

City of Calgary Mobile Skateparks Winding Down

Here are the locations and dates for the final weeks of the City of Calgary Mobile Skateparks for 2015:

August 31 – September 11
Elbow Park Residents Association (Basketball Courts)
800 34 Avenue SW

September 14 – 25
Sandstone MacEwan Community (Outdoor Rink)
355 Sandarac Drive NW

CASE Program With AAFS

For three years we’ve been skating with some of the kids from the Autism Aspergers Friendship Society. Metro News did a short article about us that you can read by clicking the photo below:


Response to concerns raised

As you probably know, the first skateparks in a city-wide network of parks are being built. Many have expressed surprise due to the fact these parks are not being built by a specialty skatepark contractor, as many of the skateparks in towns around Calgary have been.

Some of our membership have even expressed worry regarding things like the finish, coping, transition radii, and other such details which are crucial to a successful modern skatepark. CASE has been working closely with the skatepark designer and consultant, Van der Zalm & Associates to ensure these parks are to specification, as outlined in the designs.

“Van der Zalm & Associates understands the exacting nature of skate terrain and will be working with the contractor to ensure the quality finish, and shaping expectations are met. We have a comprehensive drawing package and related specifications for concrete and have made the contractor aware of how we will be inspecting the project. We understand the concern about a skatepark contractor without a strong record in skatepark construction. We have voiced this concern to all parties involved and have been transparent about how we will approach the review of concrete work. VDZ+A will have senior staff with skateboard park construction review experience on site and will be requiring test panels for transition work to be constructed for review and approval before actual work begins within the bowl.”

-Mark van der Zalm I MBCSLA, CSLA, ASLA, LEED®AP
Principal Landscape Architect
Thanks for supporting Calgary skateboarding.
Calgary Association of Skateboarding Enthusiasts

New Skatepark Construction

Three “phase 1” skateparks are now under construction.
Work on CKE Skatepark began in early June and is anticipated to be completed in September.
Ground was broken at both Southwood and Huntington Hills earlier this week. Both are scheduled to be finished later this year.
The City of Calgary’s website has more information on these and the other parks scheduled to be built in the near future.

Construction at CKE Skatepark, located on Elbow Dr SW at 73 Ave SW

Construction at CKE Skatepark

Construction at Southwood skatepark, located on Sackville Dr SW, just off Elbow Dr

Construction at Southwood skatepark

Construction at Huntington Hills Skatepark

Construction at Huntington Hills Skatepark, located at 64th Ave NW and Centre St N

Metro News did a story and here’s video from CTV news about the new parks:

Skatepark Art Concepts by Eric and Mia

A while back we spoke with Eric & Mia, the artists who were selected to develop the public art component for the new skateparks. Click the photo below to learn more about their orignal concepts which will make great additions to the new skateparks.

Eric and Mia skateboard park artists

Eric and Mia: skateboard park artists


Hay City Slam Skate Comp in Olds

Just a reminder that the Hay City Slam is taking place on Sunday, July 26th in Olds, AB. It’s always a fun time!

Interview: Dillz from Millz

50-50. Photo by Liam Glass.

50-50. Photo by Liam Glass.

What’s your full name?
Dylan Cole Righthand.
Where were you born?
How old are you?
How did you get the nickname Millz Dillz?
Always being at the skatepark and it rhymes.
Dylan Righthand_No Comply

No comply. Photo by Liam Glass.

How often do you skate at Millennium these days?
As much as possible.
Where else do you skate?
Everywhere, lately I’ve been in Vancouver and filming a lot.
Who do you skate with?
Everyone. I don’t really skate with one posse.
Feeble tail grab body varial. Photos by Liam Glass.

Feeble tail grab body varial. Photos by Liam Glass.

You’re known for some unorthodox tricks. What’s your favourite?
Tailslide half-side (backwards ski stance).
What’s your favourite skatepark?
Do you film at all? Is the footage being used for anything?
Yes I do film and the footage is being used for friends videos and hasn’t been released on the internet yet.

Summer plans or trips?
Travel as much as I can, hopefully moving out to Vancouver for the summer if things work out.
Thanks/shout outs.
Shoutouts to all the homies.

Keep up with Dillz on Instagram: www.instagram.com/dillzzz/

Instagram Giveaway

We’ve just joined Instagram and to celebrate, we’re giving away a custom Artschool Skateboards Reuben and the Dark deck!
Reuben Bullock is in town for a Thursday night performance at Calgary Folk Music Festival and was kind enough to donate this deck to us.
Check out the contest details on Instagram by clicking below:

reuben deck

Ramp Notice of Motion Vote

On June 29th, Calgary city council voted on Councillor Woolley’s notice of motion to amend the law which prohibits ramps in Calgary.
You can read the meeting minutes here but we’ll summarize how it went:
The motion was moved by Councillor Woolley and seconded by Councillor Carra. Voting went like this:

FOR: B. Pincott, J. Stevenson, W. Sutherland, E. Woolley, G-C. Carra, D. Farrell, R. Jones, S. Keating, N. Nenshi

AGAINST: J. Magliocca, R. Pootmans, A. Chabot, S. Chu, P. Demong

This means the motion was carried and the City will now take a look at changing the bylaw. Expect more news to come. If we hope to ride ramps in our own backyards like the one below, we’ll need support. Please contact your councillor and community association to let them know why it’s important to have a ramp on your property. The way the law is written, it doesn’t just ban mini-ramps. It also applies to rails, grind boxes, quarter pipes, launch ramps, and basically anything you can skate on. The bylaw wording defines SKATEBOARD RAMP as “a structure that is used to provide a surface upon which an individual may use or operate a skateboard”.


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